Orange County Sheriff's - 10 Codes

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10-10Out of service, subject to call10-11Transmitting too rapidly10-12Officials or visitors present10-13Weather or road conditions10-14Escort or convoy10-15Enroute with prisoner10-16Pick up prisoner10-17Pick up papers10-18Complete present assignment as soon as possible10-19Return or returning to station10-20Location10-21Call by telephone10-21A (Alpha)Advise my home I will return at _______ .10-21B (Bravo)Call your home by telephone10-22Cancel last message or assignment10-23Standby10-25Do you have contact with _________ ?10-27Check for want or warrants10-28Registration request10-29Check for stolen or wanted10-30No wants your subjects10-30C (Charlie)Computer or switcher unavailable10-31Subject has record but no wants10-32Subject wanted, are you clear to copy10-32F (Foxtrot)Subject wanted, felony-type hit10-33Standby, emergency traffic only10-34Resume normal radio traffic10-35Confidential informant10-36Correct Time10-37Name of operator on duty10-39Message delivered10-42Pickup officer10-45Service your equipment10-46Standby, proceeding to a better location10-48I am now ready to take information10-49Proceed to _______ .10-86Traffic check, do you have traffic for this unit10-87Meet _____ at ________.10-97Arrived at location10-98Finished last assignment