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  1. ameliorate
  2. epitome
  3. callow
  4. lassitude
  5. bombastic
  1. a SYNONYM of amend
  2. b ANTONYM of vitality, animation
  3. c It's very refreshing to hear another politico deliver another _______ address.
  4. d SYNONYM of archetype, model
  5. e a 12-year-old on the Internet can usually be described by this word

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  1. ADJ/ADV: by virtue of holding a certain office
  2. NOUN: poise, assurance, great self-confidence; perpendicularity; POSITIVE CONNOTATION
  3. SYNONYM of curry favor with
  4. Even though I was already overcome by _________ and couldn't stay up for long without a few Monsters, I decided to study for the Pride and Prejudice test.
  5. VERB: to spread through, penetrate, soak through

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  1. ingratiateANTONYM of stay in bounds


  2. ex officioBy virtue of being the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il is also the ________ Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Best Korea.


  3. interloperSomeone who butts in


  4. infringeSYNONYM of harangue and remonstrate and rail


  5. exhortANTONYM of mundane, exoteric