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  1. surmise
  2. occult
  3. infringe
  4. ameliorate
  5. ex officio
  1. a SYNONYM of amend
  2. b SYNONYM of abstruse, arcane
  3. c SYNONYM of infer
  4. d By virtue of being the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il is also the ________ Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Best Korea.
  5. e SYNONYM of impinge

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  1. ADJECTIVE: pompous or overBLOWN in language; full of high-sounded words intended to conceal a lack of ideas; NEGATIVE CONNOTATION
  2. Though Harry would normally have been cheered up by the festivities, they did little to ________ his discomforts.
  3. SYNONYM of poach
  4. OPPOSITE of not directly elected/gained
  5. NOUN: poise, assurance, great self-confidence; perpendicularity; POSITIVE CONNOTATION

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  1. surmiseJust because gravity is a theory doesn't mean its merely a _______.


  2. epitomeSYNONYM of archetype, model


  3. millenniumANTONYM of glorify and extol


  4. inveighVERB: to violate, trespass, go beyond recognized bounds


  5. lassitudeSYNONYM of poach