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  1. ameliorate
  2. callow
  3. intrinsic
  4. aplomb
  1. a ANTONYM of outward
  2. b ANTONYM of exacerbate
  3. c ANTONYM of polished, grown-up
  4. d SYNONYM of composure

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  1. SYNONYM of self-possession and levelheadedness
  2. ANTONYM of unadorned, simple, plain, austere
  3. ANTONYM of glorify and extol
  4. NOUN: foolish, aimless talk or thinking
  5. By virtue of being the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il is also the ________ Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Best Korea.

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  1. epitomeYou really had your stuff together. You handled everything with ______.


  2. occulta 12-year-old on the Internet can usually be described by this word


  3. surmiseVERB: to think or believe without certain supporting evidence; to conjecture or guess


  4. exhortNOUN: matters involving the supernatural


  5. inveighI don't care if they were just on the fringes of my turf, they were still ______ (drop e; -ing) on my territory!