CH29 Technology & Assessments in psychology

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An advantage of using high definition (HD) videoconferencing for therapy is
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John is at the doctor's office and is filling out a survey to give the doctor a better idea of his health habits. The survey contains a question about alcohol consumption. Even though John consumes significantly more than two alcoholic drinks a week, he reports this amount because he fears that if he reports a higher number he will give the impression that he is an alcoholic. What is this an example of
An organization that promotes stricter censorship on television programs administers surveys to the public in which questions contain the term 'more restriction on TV programs', rather than using the word 'censorship'. What is this an example of?wording effectA researcher is trying to find out the religious views of the average American high school student. He administers a survey with questions regarding religious beliefs to students attending private schools in large cities. What is this an example offailure to get a representative sampleA survey is considered this because participants answer the questions themselvesself-report dataThe list of topics that surveys can cover isunlimited