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A Boy and a Man

who wrote "A boy and a man" from banner in the sky.
James Ramsey Ullman
who are the antagonist in "a boy and a man"
the crevasse, the mountain, the cold
Who are the protagonist in the story
Rudi, and Captain Winter
What is the setting in the story
on a crevasse on a mountain, near Kurtael.
what is the point of view in a boy and a man
3rd person narraration
Major methods of charecterization used:
description of charecters behavior
physical traits
Plot mountain in order for the story
1) after rudi pulls captain winter out of the crevasse and they start to talk.
2) rudi hears a voice and starts to make a staff to help then starts to try and pull him out.
3) Captain Winter is at the very close to the end of the life line and Rudi starts to thinking to himself that he's about to let go.
4) Captain Winter starts asking Rudi what he thinks is the best way to climb the Citadel and talking about Rudi's dad.
5)Rudi ask of Captain Winter to not tell anyone that he was up on the mountain and they walk down to the village of Kurtael.
Where is an example of foreshadowing in this story
Rudi's going to end up climbing the mountain with Captain Winter
Where is there an example of Flashback in this story
Rudi's dad dying on the Citadel
Where is there an example of suspense in the story
Rudi started to slip at one point trying to pull Captain Winter out of the crevasse
Where is there an example of mood in the story
relief, inspiring, intense
What's the theme of this story
Anyone can be a hero / Follow your dreams
What's a simile in this story
as smooth as glass
what's a metaphor in this story
he is a block of granite on the end of the line
what's personification in this story
behind them the mountain roared
What's a hyperbole in this story
Don't lose your head
What's the imagery in this story
Description of Captain Winter
How wide the crevasse
What's the symbol in this story
The Citadel