ch. 21

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るすabsence; not at homeけいさつpolice; police stationせいふgovernmentじゅぎょうりょうtuitionこうじょうfactoryかんきょうenvironmentしゅうでんlast trainことthing (intangible)むかしold days; pastとおいfar awayひどいawfulあんぜん(な)safeめちゃくちゃ(な)messy, disorganizedへん(な)strange, unusualおくto put; to lay; to place (place に object を)つつむto wrap; to cover (~を)はるto post; to stick (place に object を)やくto bake; to burn; to grill (~を)やるto give (to pets, plants, younger siblings, etc.) (~を)けるto kick (~を)なぐるto strike; to hit; to punchふむto step on (~を)さすto biteめすむto steal; to rob (~を)さわるto touch (~に/を)つかまるto be arrested; to be caught (~が)気がつくto notice (~に)ふるto turn down (somebody); to reject; to jilt (~を)もんくを言うto complainいじめる(る)to bully (~を)ほめる(る)to praise/ to say nice things をきがえる(る)to change clothesしんじるto believe(を)ためる(る)to save money (~を)まちがえる(る)to make a mistake (を)見つける(る)to find (を)くらべる(る)to compare (X と Y を)ばかにするto insult; to make a fool of... (~を)びっくりするto be surprised (~に)ひるねをするto take a napれんらくするto contact (person に)午前中ごぜんちゅう in the morningころat the time of少しすこし a littleとにかくanyhow; anyway