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PSY101 - Quizlet 17

According to both Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, people have an innate drive toward ____.
According to Carl Rogers, how one perceives and responds to the environment is determined by the nature of one's ____.
unconditional positive regard
According to Carl Rogers, the development of a healthy self-concept is fostered by ____ ____ ____.
unconditional positive regard
____ ____ _____ is acceptance and support of a person regardless of what the person says or does (within reason, of course).
If the affection a child receives from his or her parent is _____, Carl Rogers' theory predicts the child will tend to deny the parts of his or her self-concept that make him or her "less worthy" of affection.
In Rogers' theory, an accurate self-concept is said to be ____ with reality.
In Rogers' theory, an inaccurate self-concept is said to be ____ with reality.
In Rogers' theory, the more inaccurate one's self-concept, the more likely it is to be threatened by incongruent experiences, thus generating anxiety and ____ behavior.
Abraham Maslow
____ ____ developed the idea of a hierarchy of needs.
In Maslow's hierarchy, the more basic needs are essentially survival needs, while the higher needs are ____ needs.
The highest need in Maslow's hierarchy is ____.
The need to fulfill one's potential.
To paint a picture of what a healthy personality might look like, Maslow looked at what he considered the healthiest 1% of the population, as well as selected ____ figures.
The most basic needs in Maslow's hierarchy are the ____ needs, like eating, breathing, and sleeping.