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plantationan estate where cash crops are grown on a large scale (especially in tropical areas)equatorialclose to the equatorPanama CanalA canal that crosses the isthmus of Panama connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Built by the United States between 1904 and 1914.economic embargoa complete restriction on trade with another county.Slash and Burn FarmingA farming method in which people clear fields by cutting and burning trees and grasses, the ashes of which served to fertilize the soil.indigenousNative to a certain areasugarcaneGrassy plant that is a natural source of sugarterrace farminga farming system that is in the form of steps going up a mountainItaipu DamOne of the most important hydroelectric plants in the world, located on the Parana River between Brazil and PeruEl Ninoa warming of the ocean water along the western coast of South America and causes flooding in Central AmericaindustrializationProcess of industrial development in which countries evolve economically, from producing basic, primary goods to using modern factories for mass-producing goods. At the highest levels of development, national economies are geared mainly toward the delivery of services and exchange of information.economic developmentThe process of a country's economy becoming stronger, especially when that means the economy is producing more goods and services per workerInteroceanic Highwayinternational, transcontinental highway in Peru and Brazil to connect the two countriesmulticulturalmany different culturesRoman Catholicthe Christian church headed by the pope in RomeAmazon BasinThe Amazon Basin is a large, flat, bowl-like area of land covered by a rain forest in South America. The Amazon River runs through it.

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