5th grade social studies Chapter 4 lesson 3 life in New Spain

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a large farm with many workers who lived on the land they worked


a group of people forming a community


a grants given by king of spain to wealthy settlers in New Spain. Gave settlers control of all the native americans living on an area of land


teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs


a religious settlement where missionaries live and work

Sequence the events: Esteban is killed, Esteban is shipwrecked, and Esteban travels in the southwest

Esteban is shipwrecked, Esteban travels in the southwest, Esteban is killed

What happened in first in Spain's search for gold?

they were not successful

describe the main idea of the paragraphs on page 148

A person's position in New Spain depended on wealth, place of birth, and ancestors

what was life like for the native americans in the missions?

They were taught christianity; they gave up traditions and familiar ways of life, treated less harshly.

what was life like for the native americans in Encomiendas

Gave up traditions and familiar ways of life.

In what ways did native peoples and african workers create great wealth for spain?

Spain received all profits from the work of enslaved native peoples and Africans.

What happened after Esteban's death in what is now New Mexico?

Corononado continued to search for Cibola.

what is the order of new spain's colonial society from most to least powerful?

Peninslares (rich spaniards); Creoles (born in Americas with spanish backgrounds); Mestizos (indians with spanish backgrounds); Indians/Africans (lowest , no spanish connections)

how would you describe the indian's life on an encomienda?

The indians worked without pay and were expected to become christians

why did the spanish landowners want to keep slaves?

because slaves were cheap labor

what was Las Casas point of view in the encomiendas system?

He believed that the mistreatment of the slaves was wrong, persuaded Spain to pass laws saying that native peoples had to be paid for their work

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