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Vedbaek Site

- Not a base camp
- hazelnuts on site
- used in warmer months
- evidence of scheduling

Vaenget Nord Site

- 22 burials
- trash on site
- domains of houses
- evidence of base camps
- broad spectrum diet.

Carrier Mills, Black Earth Site, Illinois

- Enormous archaic site
- massive trash middens
- evidence of permanent base camps
- 77 different species
- broad spectrum diets
- cemetery with 154 burials (no more than 500)
- specialized technology (e.g-fishooks)


- 139 rooms
- multistoried
- domesticated wheat, barely, sheep
- obsidian
- uncovered a densely packed site
- beehive like structure
- built from mud bricks
- vulture shrine
- bull horn features
- no doors (get in through the roof)

Guila Naquitz Cave, Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico

- Shelter used by hunter gatherers
- used as seasonal camp site
- took advantage of wild plants and animals because they hadn't discovered agriculture
- earliest domesticate= squash
- used food as containers

Tehuacan Valley research

- early domesticates appeared in the context of mobile hunter gatherer societies
- mesoamerican cultivators remained mobile for thousands of years after domesticate
- settled village life and pottery does not appear until after 5000 BC

Los Pazos

- excavations uncovered:
- 200 pithouses
- storage features
- burials
- maize
- 1500 BC

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