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bullet symbol
another name for a dot symbol
increase font size button
increases the font size of selected text
the company's name
a letterhead should NOT contain
personal letters
business documents should NOT include
end-of-row mark
each row of a table has this that can be used to add columns to the right of the table
essential business letter elements
include the date line, inside address, message, and signature block
no recolor
having used the color gallery to change the color of a graphic, with the graphic selected, tap or click what in the color gallery to change a graphic back to its original color
in a business letter, the what, if present, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address
sky drive
one way to distribute a document is to post it on cloud storage such as what
the bullets button is available on the HOME tab of the ribbon in the what group
the increase font size button appears on what tab
to display the color gallery, with the graphic selected, tap or click the color button in the what group on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT
to display the rotate gallery, with the graphic selected, tap or click the rotate objects button in what group on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT
move a custom tab stop
drag the tab marker to the desired location on the ruler
to move from the second cell in the table in the accompanying figure back to the previous cell, press what
mailings, create
to print a mailing label, tap or click the labels button on the what tab in what group
remove a border from a paragraph
position the insertion point in the paragraph tab or click the border button arrow on the HOME tab, and then tap or click the NO border button in the borders gallery
to select multiple cells, rows, or columns in the table in the accompanying figure if they are not adjacent to one another, select the first cell and then hold down what key while selecting the next cell, row, or column
em dash
typing text, followed by two hyphens, followed by more text and then a space changes the two hyphens to what
when a custom tab stop is set, the tab marker on the ruler reflects the alignment of the what at the location of the tab stop
when you first create a table it is
business document
you can use your own creative skills to design and compose a what
insert control
when you use a mouse to select a row or column in a table, word displays an
in front of
with the in front of text wrapping option, a floating object appears where among the text
predefined shapes
word has a variety of what, which are a type of drawing object, that you can insert in a document
a work similar in meaning to a given word, found in thesauruses
shortcut key to underline words, not spaces
the office clipboard
a temporary storage area
shortcut keys for the superscript character formatting
word count dialog box
a box that displays the number of words, lines, characters, and paragraphs in the current document
shortcut keys increases a paragraph indent
shortcut keys right-align paragraph
MLA style
according to what style does the first line of each entry on the works cited page being at the left margin
the same basic information
although a variety of different styles of documentation exist for report preparation, each style requires
CTRL+B, CTRL+U, CTRL+J are all shortcut keys for formatting what
headers and footers
can include text, graphics, current date, page number, and the current time
headers print in the top margins how many inches from the top of every page
if the top of a set of characters is chopped off, the problem may be that the line spacing is set too what
quick access toolbar
if yo do not want to keep a change automatically made by Word and you immediately notice the automatic correction, you can undo the change by clicking the undo button on the what
to search for formatting or a special character click the what button to expand the find dialog box
bottom of the page as footnotes or at the end of the paper as endnotes
when using MLA style, position in-text parenthetical references in two places being what
when yo install word, it selects a series of what that it searches through when yo use the research task pane
word shades fields which color on the screen
copy and past commands
you can use the what commands to copy information form the research task pane into your document
title of the source
on the works cited page, list works by each authors last name, as shown in the accompanying figure, or, if the authors name is not available, by the what
one way to delete a note is to tap or click immediately to the left of the note reference mark in the document text and then press the what key twice
first draft of a research paper
the what should include an introduction, a conclusion, the body, and sources
works cited
the MLA style does NOT use the term bibliographical references for works cited, it uses what
header, page number
to place your name on the left of the page number as required by the MLA style, you much create a what that contains the what
the rule when using MLA style is to press the spacebar how many times after periods, colons, and other punctuation marks
position the insertion point
to apply a style to a paragraph, the first step is to what in the paragraph
to follow MLA style, how many spaces should the text on all pages be and apply one and half inch top and bottom margins and one inch left and right margins
types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be inserted later
character formatting
the process of changing the way letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols appear on the screen and in print
erases one character to the left of the insertion point
the file type that identifies a word 2013 document
sizing handles
the small squares and circles around a selected graphic
moves down one paragraph
moves left one word with the keyboard
moves up one paragraph
selects a document
selects characters
selects multiple words when used repeatedly
type of printer being used
a document may word wrap differently depending on the what
flagged word
is not necessarily one that is misspelled, although it can be
a raised dot shows where the what key was pressed
zoom a document using a touch screen
repeatedly pinch and stretch in order the change the size of a document in the document window
suggests neutrality
word includes a variety of document what to assist you with coordinating visual elements in a document
enter key
each time the ___ key is pressed, word creates a new paragraph
formatting marks
may not display properly on the screen with some fonts
ignore all
if a flagged word is spelled correctly, right click it and the click ___ __ on the shortcut menu to instruct word not to flag future occurrences of the same word in this document
potential error
if word finds a __ __ in a document, a red, green, or blue wavy underline flags the problem
document properties
some organizations require word users to add __ __, so that other employees can view details about these files
print layout view
the default view in word is what
to center a pages contents vertically between the top and bottom margins, tap or click the page set up dialog box launcher, tap or click the __ tab, tap or click the verticle alignment box arrow, tap or click center in the list, and then tap or click the OK button
minimize wrist injury
to __ __ __, minimize switching among touch gestures, the keyboard and the mouse