Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51


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The year Watson & Crick & Wilkins won a Nobel Prize for DNA
The name of James Watson's book
The Double Helix
How old was Rosalind Franklin when she died?
Rosalind Franklin's place or birth and year of birth
London, 1920
Where did Rosalind win a scholarship to study physics and chemistry?
Cambridge University
What technique can reveal hidden atomic structure of matter in crystalline form?
X-ray Crystallography
Why did Rosalind join the war effort?
What did Rosalind's experiments lead to the improvement of?
Gas Masks
Whose advice did Rosalind take when deciding if she should go to England or stay in France?
Dorothy Hodgkin ( 1 of only 10 women to win Nobel Prize)
Where did Franklin work after returning to London?
King's College
Who came to King's College and insisted the gene was the thing to study?
James Watson
Where was Watson offered a job?
Gavendish, Cambridge University's famous research lab
Who did Watson share an office with?
Francis Crick
What is the X shape in the middle of the B form of DNA is the diffraction signature of what?
a helix
What approach did Watson & Crick use to solve DNA structure?
Who was the other scientist that pioneered model-building?
Peter Pauling
Who was the DNA structure race between?
Watson & Crick VS. Peter Pauling
How many units of molecular building blocks did photo 51 show the helix to have?
From Rosalind's medical research, Crick was able to deduce that.......
there were 2 chains running in opposite directions
Who theorized the four bases in DNA would be stacked like pennies?
William Atsbury
Who & where discovered DNA always had equal amounts of the four bases?
Erwin Chargaff at Columbia University
In 1956 what did Rosalind do to celebrate her 36th birthday?
Climbed Mt. Whitney
What happened upon Rosalind's return to England?
She was diagnosed with cancer :(
When did Franklin die?
April 16 1958
When did Watson, Crick, & Wilkins win the Nobel Prize?
In 1962