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  1. Who was the first successful American novelist?
  2. Who travelled around Europe to learn folklore and different European customs and traditions and wrote two of his most famous stories there?
  3. Who was the most influential and widely read author of his time?
  1. a Irving
  2. b Poe
  3. c Cooper

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  1. Poe
  2. Irving
  3. Poe
  4. Poe
  5. Bryant

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  1. Who was the first poet to win worldwide critical acclaim?Cooper


  2. Who was known for his novels?Irving


  3. Who wrote a series of 5 related novels called The Leatherstocking Tales?Cooper


  4. After his death he was regarded as America's first social critic and first writer to explore enduring themes?Cooper


  5. Who had 4 family members die of TB?Poe