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  1. Who entered Yale at 13 and was then expelled for pranks?
  2. Who used pen-names such as Jonathan Oldstyle; Knickerbocker, and Geoffrey Crayon?
  3. Who was the most influential and widely read author of his time?
  1. a Poe
  2. b Irving
  3. c Cooper

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  1. Cooper
  2. Poe
  3. Bryant
  4. Poe
  5. Bryant

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  1. Who wrote essays?Irving


  2. Who is known for writing eerie, morbid short stories and poems?Poe


  3. Him and his brother began publishing an anonymous magazine which carried many sketches and essays about New York society?Irving


  4. Who married his cousin, Virginia Clem?Poe


  5. Who was an influential defender of human rights, freedom of speech and religion, and abolitionist?Poe