How did the Southerners view Lincoln?
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What is Robert E Lee's view on slavery?Believed it was moral and political evil. -did not have his own slavesWhat was the South's strength?had a strong military traditionWhat was the population difference between the North and the South?North had about 22 million, while South had around only 7 million -North had about 3x more peopleWhat were the North's strengths?-large population -industries/factories -had most of the railroads -controlled the banksLegal Tender Actcreated a national currency and allowed the government to issue paper money, called greenbacksBriefly describe the South's financial issues:-could not buy bonds -money that was raised from taxes plummeted -ended up printing their own money which lead to inflationWhat are nicknames for southerners and northerners?south = Johnny reds/rebels north = yankeesWhat was Lincoln's goal with the Union?He wanted to preserve the Union even if that meant he had to keep slaveryWho was the south trying to gain leverage with?European powers