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can be thought as of as the sum of our developmental and life course experiences and it encompasses a number of characteristics


refers to the biological traits that distinguish males from females

intersex person

someone who is automatically somewhere alone the continuum between a male and a female. The root is always genetic.

gender role

refers to behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values that culture deems appropriate for males and females.

gender identity

refers to how a person accepts the cultures prescribed gender roles, how an individual adapts the expected gender to role to his or her identity. Gender identity is subjective to the individual.

gender presentation

refers to how an individual presents his or her gender identity through personality, habits, and behaviors.

gender stereotypes

encompass the cultural beliefs about "what" gender rolse are and "how" these roles should e enacted. It tends to reflect the cultures beliefs about the ways in which men and woman behave.

gender attribution

the process by which we encounter someone and reach an opinion of what his or her gender is

gender schema

somebody who is comfortable with their gender but understands others as well

sexual orientation

focus of a persons erotic desires or fantasies, or a persons affectionate or romantic feelings toward a particular gender.

sexual preference

those who believe that sexuality is fluid and is more of a matter of choice rather than biology

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