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Quality Management Short Answer

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definition: term used to describe the work that the organization goes through to develop, manufacture, and deliver the finished goods or services.

• PLANNING OF PRODUCT REALIZATION: Plan and develop the processes needed for product realization

o Determine requirements related to product
o Review of requirements related to product: before committing to supply the product to the customer
o Customer communication: determine effective ways to communicate with customers on the products

o Design and development planning: plan and control product design and development
o Design and development inputs: determine product requirement inputs and maintain records
o Design and development outputs: document outputs of design and development process in a way that it can be compared to the inputs
o Design and development review: perform systematic reviews of design and development at suitable stages in accordance with planned arrangements
o Design and development verification: do this to ensure output meets design and development input requirements
o Design and development validation: to confirm resulting product is capable of meeting the requirements of intended use
o Control of Design and development changes: review, verify, and validate the changes and approve them before implementation

o Purchasing process: ensure that purchased product conforms to its specified purchasing requirements. Evaluate suppliers based on their ability to supply product
o Purchasing information: ensure the info contains description of the product and the requirements
o Verification of purchased product: establish the necessary activities for ensuring the purchasing product meets specified purchasing requirements

o Control of production and service provision: plan and carry out production and service provision under controlled conditions
o Validation of processes for production and service provision: validate any production or service provision where the subsequent monitoring or measurement cannot verify the output.
o Identification and traceability: identify the product status with respect to monitoring and measurement requirements throughout product realization.
o Customer property: identify customer property provided for use. Record any lost, damaged, or unsuitable property to the customer
o Preservation of product: preserve product during internal processing and delivery to intended destination
• CONTROL AND MEASURING OF MONITORING EQUIPMENT: Determine the monitoring and measurements to be made, and the required equipment, to provide evidence of product conformity