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Will tweedy

14 years old. narrator

Rucker Blakeslee

Will's Grandfather

Miss Love Simpson

Ruckers second wife

Mattie Lou Blakeslee

Will's grandmother

Hoyt Tweedy

Will's Father

Mary Willes

Will's mother (Ruckers oldest daughter)

Loma Williams

Mary Willis's younger sister. (Will's aunt)

Lightfoot McLendon

Will's love

Campbell Williams

Loma's husband. (Camp)

Hosie Roach

Will's enemy. Lightfoot's husband


A black man that works for Rucker

Miss Effie Belle

Ruckers next-door neighbor

Clayton McAllister

A charming man in cold sassy

Aunt Carrie

A woman called "aunt" because of her friendship with the Tweedy's

Campbell Junior

Loma and Camp's son


Loomis's wife, and the Tweedy's cook


will's dog. Named after Theodore Roosevlet

Mary Toy Tweedy

Will's younger sister

Bluford Jackson

Will's deceased friend.

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