Cold Sassy Tree Characters

Will tweedy
14 years old. narrator
Rucker Blakeslee
Will's Grandfather
Miss Love Simpson
Ruckers second wife
Mattie Lou Blakeslee
Will's grandmother
Hoyt Tweedy
Will's Father
Mary Willes
Will's mother (Ruckers oldest daughter)
Loma Williams
Mary Willis's younger sister. (Will's aunt)
Lightfoot McLendon
Will's love
Campbell Williams
Loma's husband. (Camp)
Hosie Roach
Will's enemy. Lightfoot's husband
A black man that works for Rucker
Miss Effie Belle
Ruckers next-door neighbor
Clayton McAllister
A charming man in cold sassy
Aunt Carrie
A woman called "aunt" because of her friendship with the Tweedy's
Campbell Junior
Loma and Camp's son
Loomis's wife, and the Tweedy's cook
will's dog. Named after Theodore Roosevlet
Mary Toy Tweedy
Will's younger sister
Bluford Jackson
Will's deceased friend.