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when turning you should give the signal at least how many feet before turning

100 feet

when turning left you should give the proper signal at least how much before turning?

100 feet

when approching an intersection, bridge, or railroad crossing you should never drive on the left half of the roadway within?

100 feet

after overtaking another vehicle on a two lane road, you can best judge when it is safe to drive back into the right hand lane by waiting until you can see the overtake vehicle in your what?


if you are being passed you should?

stay in your lane

if you are driving the speed limit and another driver sounds his horn and starts to pass, you should -- and let him pass

slow down

as you near an intersection, you dicover you are in the wrong lane for turning right, you should drive on until you can get into the peoper lane, the turn at another --?


when turning left from a three lane, one way street, you should turn from the -- lane?


when parking near a corner, you may park your vehicle no closer than -- feet from the crosswalk?

20 feet

a vehicle should never be parked closer to a fire hydrant (fire plug) than?

15 feet

when parking parallel it is best to leave the curb side wheels -- to -- inches from the curb?

6 18

at 20 miles per hour the average driver, from the moment he sees danger until he hits the brake, will travel about --?

44 feet

when following another vehicle, you should maintain a --to-- sectond following distance between yourself and the vehicle you are following?

2 4

not including thinking and reaction distance, at 20 mph, lawful brakes must stop a car within --?

19 feet

under favorable circumstances including reaction time a motor vehicle with good brakes going 50 mph can be stopped within ---?

229 feet

if a child ran into the road 60 to 65 feet ahead of your vehicle the highest speed from which you could stop with good brakes before hitting him/her is --?

20 mph

including reacion time the stopping distance is more than 20 feet or 10 mph at 20 mph it will be about --?

63 feet

headlights must be turned on -- minutes after sunset or the lights vehicle must be turned on at any time of day or night when persons an vehicles cannot be seen clearly at ---- feet?

30 1000

at night a driver should dim headlights when an oncoming vehicle comes within --- feet?


a slow driver should drive in the ----- lane?


the maximum fine for a person who is driving and drinking an alcoholic beverage is ---?


a minors driver license may be suspended for a first offense of driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor is -- days and the minor is not eligible for an essential license is -- days

60 30

even if you are not intoxicated and you are under the age of 21 and have any detectable amount of alcohol in your system while operating a motor vehicle you may be charged with?

driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor

if a person refuses to do a blood or breath test there licence will be suspended for a first time of --- days?


the maximum fine for a fist non driving alcohol related offense or possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor is--?


marijuana use will -- affect a drives concentration, judgment, and perceptual skills?


alcohol affects a driver by -- down reaction and impairing perception; interfering with concentration and -- judgment; and causing -- to become unstable?

slowing dulling emotions

if you must walk on the highway you should walk on the --- side in order to watch approaching vehicles?


the most a person can be fined for a first conviction of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor with no death or injury accident involved is --- dollars?


the type of license that will allow a person to drive a large truck or a van designed for 16 or more passengers is a ---?


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