INHANCE Shoulder System

What are the three philosophical pillars behind INHANCE shoulder system?
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How many instrument trays are required to implant an INHANCE stemless or short stem?2What degree is the neck resection angle of the INHANCE Shoulder System?135 degreesWhen using INHANCE, how many bony evaluations are performed?3Which component connects the humeral head to the stemless prosthesis?Taper adaptorTo convert from a stemless to a stemmed prosthesis in the INHANCE shoulder system, how many additional steps are required beyond common preparation?1 step required... (Up to 3 steps for hard bone)INHANCE Shoulder System proximal portion of both the stemless and short stem implants feature a _____________ designed to harness denser bone.Peripheral ringWhat feature of the INHANCE Shoulder System allows for a stemless to be easily converted to a stemmed implant?A proximal humeral footprint that matches the stemmed prosthesisAs you're preparing to advance the Humeral Blazer during an INHANCE Shoulder System procedure, the arrow on the Humeral Blazer should be oriented in what direction?Most lateral aspectWhich of the following features of the INHANCE glenoid provides long term fixation? Anchor ring or central post?Central postWhich of the following features of the INHANCE glenoid provides immediate fixation? Anchor ring or central post?Anchor ring5Vitamin E Highly Crosslinked PolyethyleneCentral peg and anchor ringInferior best fit circleONE STEP PREPTouch-free technologyZoned conformityZoned conformity glenoidTouch free technologyShared proximal footprint between stemless and stemmed implantsUNITI porous structureSmooth suture holes in peripheral ringPeripheral RingUse the smaller of the two sizesUNITI porous structureCentered, Low, Medium, and High positionCenteredhumeral stem pin punch