INHANCE Anatomic Key Surgical Steps

List the 8 key surgical steps for a stemless implant
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Where is it recommended that the humeral sizer sit on the resection portion of the humerus?Immediately inside of the cortical rim and at no point contacts the cortical rim.After humeral size is chosen, what step follows in preparing the humerus for a stemless implant?Ream with the corresponding size chosen when sizingTrue or False: the humeral reamers can be used by hand or under powerTrueHow far are you to advance the reamer when preparing the humerus?Until the outer diameter of the reamer is flush with the resection. Use caution here not to over ream beyond resection levelWhat step follows humeral reaming when preparing the humerus?Humeral blazingWhere are you to align the arrow on the humeral blazer?The most lateral aspect of the humerusHow far do you advance the humeral blazer when impacting into bone?Until it is flush with resection levelWhat instruments can you use in conjunction with humeral blazer to ensure desired axial alignment and version prior to fully seating the blazer?Humeral stem pin punch with version rod assembledWhat step following humeral blazing in humeral preperation for a stemless implant?Insertion of the stemless implantIs it recommended to leave the stemless implant slightly proud when implanting? Why or why not?Yes, to facilitate humeral head assemblyFor stemless constructs, what are the options for humeral head eccentricity?Centered position (0mm) onlyWhat step follows implantation of stemless implant in preparation of the humerus?Head trialing and reduction trial