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  1. Hematoma
  2. Comminuted fracture
  3. Osteocytes
  4. Epiphysis
  5. Diaphysis
  1. a The shaft of a long bone
  2. b Bone cells
  3. c Collection of blood under the skin
  4. d Fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed
  5. e The end of a long bone

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  1. Formation of blood cells
  2. Membrane that lines the inner surface of long bones
  3. Unmineralized bone matrix composed of proteoglycans, glycoproteins, and collagen
  4. Cartilage containing collagen fibers; found in the intervertebral discs
  5. Hard, dense bone tissue that is beneath the outer membrane of a bone

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  1. Greenstick fracturePartial fracture of a bone


  2. Epiphyseal fractureFracture where diaphysis separates from epiphysis


  3. PeriosteumMembrane that lines the inner surface of long bones


  4. Elastic cartilageStretchy cartilage; found in the inner ear and epiglottis


  5. Compression fractureFracture in which the bone collapses