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  1. atma
  2. caste system
  3. ahimsa
  4. raja
  5. samkhya
  1. a king yoga,meditation on hatha, bhakti,karma,janana
  2. b hindu word for infinite soul
  3. c hindu principle of reverence for life
  4. d 1-brahmin
  5. e oldest,nature and soul,beginning of things

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  1. priest
  2. warriors and nobles
  3. 1-sama veda
    2-yajer veda
    3-athara veda
  4. 1-righteousness
    2-earthly prosperity &success
    4-spiritual liberation
  5. "rice-eating ceremony" 1st solid food

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  1. vedantahymms


  2. shraddaphysical


  3. puruva mimamsareading and studying sacred texts


  4. Diwalahorizontal forehead


  5. caste systemsocial hierachy


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