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  1. the tissue in the wall of the trachea that keeps it open is
  2. blood cells make up what percentage of the total blood,and each type of cell has a specific function
  3. these are folds of the cell membrane on their free surfaces
  4. this tissue is primarily elastin fibers
  1. a cartilage
  2. b 38-48%
  3. c microvilli
  4. d elastic connective tissue

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  1. meninges
  2. smooth muscle, involuntary muscle, or visceral muscle
  3. cartilage
  4. skeletal muscle , muscles
  5. stratified squamous epithelium

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  1. the ____ secreted by this membrane keeps the lining epithelial cells wet because they are living cells and will dry outmucus


  2. this is about 52-62% of the total volume of the bloodligaments


  3. this carries impulses away from the cell body and a neuron only has one of theseaxon


  4. axon, dendrite, and cell body are the three parts ofstratified


  5. blood cells are produced from stem cells in the red bone marrow, the bodys primary ______hemopoietic tissue