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  1. the strong tissue that forms tendons and ligaments is
  2. the cells of the heart are known as this muscle tissue
  3. this cell is a type of stratified epithelium in which the surface cells change shape round to squamous
  4. blood cells make up what percentage of the total blood,and each type of cell has a specific function
  1. a fibrous connective tissue
  2. b cardiac
  3. c 38-48%
  4. d transitional epithelium

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  1. multicellular glands
  2. parietal
  3. skeletal
  4. areolar connective tissue(loose connective tissue)
  5. platelets

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  1. the iris of the eye has two sets of this muscle in fibers to constrict and dilate the pupil which regulates the amount of light that strikes the retinastratified squamous epithelium


  2. the urinary bladder is lined with this celltransitional epithelium


  3. many layers of cells present are calledstratified


  4. the thinness of the simple squamous epithelium permits the __________ of gases the air and the bloodcardiac


  5. this lines the cranial and spinal cavities and cover the brain and spinal cordmeninges