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  1. this contains the nucleus and is essential for the continuing of life of the neuron
  2. these connect muscle to bone
  3. these produce protein fibers
  4. the tip of the nose and the external ear are supported by this flexible substance
  5. this carries impulses away from the cell body and a neuron only has one of these
  1. a cartilage
  2. b cell body
  3. c tendons
  4. d fibroblasts
  5. e axon

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  1. cartilage
  2. cardiac
  3. matrix
  4. dissolved salts, nutrients, gases, and waste products
  5. collagen

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  1. the cells of the heart are known as this muscle tissueadipocytes


  2. the type of connective tissue with a solid matrix made of calcium salt isblood


  3. this tissue is found in the flat and irregular bones such as the hip bone and the vertebraesimple cuboidal epithelium


  4. these processes carry impulses toward the cell body, a neuron may have several of thesedendrites


  5. the ____ secreted by this membrane keeps the lining epithelial cells wet because they are living cells and will dry outvisceral