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  1. the tip of the nose and the external ear are supported by this flexible substance
  2. this muscle tissue has 3 names, and they have tapered ends, a single nucleus, and no striations
  3. this prevents blood loss , and the process of blood clotting involves this also
  4. the type of connective tissue with a solid matrix made of calcium salt is
  5. these connect muscle to bone
  1. a smooth muscle, involuntary muscle, or visceral muscle
  2. b cartilage
  3. c bone
  4. d platelets
  5. e tendons

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  1. serous
  2. simple squamous epithelium
  3. areolar connective tissue(loose connective tissue)
  4. parietal
  5. fibrous connective tissue

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  1. the _____sweeps mucus with trapped dust and bacteria from the inhaled air, toward the pharnyx to be swallowedmeninges


  2. in the thyroid gland the cuboidal epithelium secretes this hormonethyroxine


  3. these are ductless glandsfibroblasts


  4. this is found on the joint surfaces of bones and its smooth surface helps prevent frictioncardiac


  5. this type of tissue makes up the functional units of the thyroid gland and salivary glandsstratified squamous epithelium