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  1. a group of chemicals are called what
  2. _____ describes this muscle tissues appearance
  3. the parietal _______ lines the fibrous pericardium a connective tissue membrane
  4. this means on the outside
  5. the type of muscle tissue that produces a significant amount of body heat is
  1. a cover
  2. b skeletal
  3. c striated
  4. d pericardium
  5. e hormones

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  1. a neuron
  2. transport materials within the body
  3. skeletal
  4. smooth
  5. hemopoietic tissue

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  1. the ____ secreted by this membrane keeps the lining epithelial cells wet because they are living cells and will dry outpleural


  2. the unicellular glands secrete mucus in the respiratory tract aremeninges


  3. impulse transmission depends on chemicals called thisneurotransmitters


  4. to absorb efficiently the columnar cells of the small intestine have theseciliated epithelium, cilia


  5. these cells are cylindrical and have several nuclei each and appear striated or stripedepithelial tissue