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  1. these fibers will retain their original shape when stretched
  2. the matrix of the blood is know as _____ the matrix of bone is known as_________
  3. this lines the cranial and spinal cavities and cover the brain and spinal cord
  4. the _____ of adipose tissue are specialized to store fat in microscopic droplets
  5. the matrix, femur, osteocytes, and blood vessels are in a very precise arrangement called a
  1. a plasma, calcium salts
  2. b haversian system or osteons
  3. c elastin
  4. d meninges
  5. e adipocytes

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  1. hormones
  2. unicellular
  3. microvilli
  4. exocrine glands
  5. adipose tissue

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  1. these glands have ducts to take the secretion away from the gland to the site of it's functionexocrine glands


  2. this epithelium has columnar cells that have this in their free edge__________elastic connective tissue


  3. in the stomach and intestines this muscle contracts in waves called peristalsis to propel food through the digestive tractblood


  4. the _____ pleura covers the lungsvisceral


  5. the tissue that is thin enough to form capillaries and permit exchange of materials issimple squamous epithelium


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