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  1. these glands have ducts to take the secretion away from the gland to the site of it's function
  2. tendons and ligaments are made up of this type of connective tissue
  3. a group of cells with a similar structure and function is called a
  4. the _____ pleura covers the lungs
  5. the type of muscle tissue also known as voluntary muscle is
  1. a exocrine glands
  2. b skeletal
  3. c fibrous connective tissue
  4. d tissue
  5. e visceral

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  1. tendons
  2. no duct
  3. simple cuboidal epithelium
  4. elastic connective tissue
  5. voluntary, striated, or skeletal muscle tissue

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  1. the primary function of plasma is toendocrine glands


  2. to absorb efficiently the columnar cells of the small intestine have theseelastic connective tissue


  3. the pleural membranes secrete this fluidserous


  4. this type of cell makes up the epidermis of the skin where it is called keratinizingstratified squamous epithelium


  5. many layers of cells present are calledstratified