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  1. in the fallopian tube an egg cell is moved toward the uterus by
  2. _____ describes this muscle tissues appearance
  3. the cells of adipose tissue are called
  4. in the digestive tract this also lubricates the surface to permit smooth passage of food
  5. these blood cells carry oxygen bonded to the iron in their hemoglobin
  1. a RBC'S
  2. b ciliated epithelium
  3. c striated
  4. d mucus
  5. e adipocytes

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  1. tissue
  2. pleural
  3. osteocytes
  4. cells
  5. areolar

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  1. this prevents blood loss , and the process of blood clotting involves this alsofibrous connective tissue


  2. these fibers will retain their original shape when stretchedmeninges


  3. in the respiratory tract the ____ traps dust and bacteria which are then swept away to the pharynx by ciliated epitheliumthyroxine


  4. this fluid prevent friction between them as lungs expand and recoil during breathingcardiac


  5. this is a appetite suppressing hormone secreted by adipocytes to signal the hypothalamus in the brain that fat storage is sufficientfibrous connective tissue