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  1. the water of plasma contains what
  2. tall and narrow cells are called
  3. an example of an exocrine gland is
  4. the _____sweeps mucus with trapped dust and bacteria from the inhaled air, toward the pharnyx to be swallowed
  5. goblet cells are an example of this the goblet cells are found in the lining of the of the respiratory and digestive tract
  1. a salivary gland
  2. b cilia
  3. c unicellular
  4. d dissolved salts, nutrients, gases, and waste products
  5. e columnar cells

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  1. a neuron
  2. connective tissue
  3. diffusion
  4. parietal
  5. serous

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  1. blood cells make up what percentage of the total blood,and each type of cell has a specific functionplasma


  2. heat producing tissue in which the cells rapidly break down glucose or fat in cell respirationthermogenic


  3. this tissue is located in the walls of the large arteriescartilage


  4. the type of connective tissue with a solid matrix made of calcium salt isskeletal


  5. the _______ pericardium is on the surface of the heart musclevoluntary