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  1. this epithelium lines the nasal cavity, larynx, trachea, and large bronchial tubes
  2. these membranes line the body tracts that have openings to the environment
  3. these cells consist of many layers of mostly flat cells, the lower cells are rounded though
  4. goblet cells secrete _____ and are found in the lining of the intestines and the lining of parts of the respiratory tract such as the trachea
  5. these are sheets of tissue that cover or line surfaces or that separate organs from one another
  1. a ciliated epithelium
  2. b mucus
  3. c stratified squamous epithelium
  4. d membranes
  5. e mucous

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  1. meninges
  2. squamous cells
  3. cover
  4. collagen
  5. chondrocytes

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  1. in the walls of arteries and veins this muscle constricts or dilates the vessels to maintain normal blood pressuresmooth


  2. this tissue is located in the walls of the large arteriessimple squamous epithelium


  3. the type of muscle tissue that provides peristalsis in the intestines issmooth


  4. this tissue is found in the flat and irregular bones such as the hip bone and the vertebraeepithelial


  5. this tissue consists of nerve cells called neurons and some specialized cells found only in this tissuesimple cuboidal epithelium