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  1. the cells of ____ tissue are called fibroblasts
  2. this is a structural network or solution of non-living inter-cellular material
  3. _____ describes this muscle tissues appearance
  4. sheets of tissue are called
  5. the cells of the heart are known as this muscle tissue
  1. a membranes
  2. b areolar connective tissue(loose connective tissue)
  3. c striated
  4. d matrix
  5. e cardiac

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  1. line
  2. cartilage
  3. dissolved salts, nutrients, gases, and waste products
  4. cells
  5. cartilage

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  1. the thinness of the simple squamous epithelium permits the __________ of gases the air and the bloodtransitional epithelium


  2. blood consists ofmembranes


  3. this system _______is made up of nerves and that emerge from this system_______ and supply the rest of the bodycolumnar epithelium


  4. this tissue is found in the flat and irregular bones such as the hip bone and the vertebraecardiac


  5. the _______ pericardium is on the surface of the heart musclevisceral