Info Tech Exam 2

The number & types of data items that must be loaded into a new ERP system depend on the_____
______ involves reentering data that was not typed or scanned correctly.
data correction
U.S m-commerce sales for 2010 are expected to be
$2.4 billion
______ involves updating one or more databases w/ new transactions
data storage
One of the functional units likely to benefit from use of a customer relationship management system
All of the above
The MasterCard MoneySend service and Obopay
text messaging
_____ divides the pool of potential customers into subgroups
market segmentation
purchasing uses the information from the ___ to pace purchase orders for raw materials
materials requirement plan
The ____ refines the production plan defined by the demand management process
detailed scheduling plan
Mobile coupons...
all of the above
A(n)_____ card is issued to select employees to help streamline the traditional purchase order and invoice payment process
P Card
With ____, business transactions are accumulated over a period of time for processing in a single-unit
batch processing
Authentication technologies are used by many organizations to
confirm the identity of the user requesting access to information or assets
The ____ plan takes demand and current inventory levels into account and determines specific product items that need to be produced and when in order to meet the forecast future demand
Sales and operations plan
A key feature of an enterprise resource planning system is that______.
it employs a database of key operational and planning information that can be shared by all
conversion to an e-commerce or m-commerce system enables an organization to_____.
increase the accuracy of order processing and order fulfillment
The elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and the consumer is called ______.
In an order processing system, a(n) _____ is printed at the warehouse from which the order is to filled so that workers can correctly fill the order
The process used be leading companies to complete a business process in the most efficient and effective manner are called _____
best practices
It is estimated that e-commerce contributes about ____ percent to the total U.S gross domestic product
What operates the world's largest 3G network
China Mobil
The World WIde Web was originally conceived of as _______
internal document management system
____ is a network protocol that enables traffic to be routed among allt he networks connected to the Internet
_____ is NOT a frequency commonly used for wireless communications
A(n)____ is a Web address that specifies the exact location of a Web page using letters and words
____ is a valuable tool that enables you to find information on the Web by specifying words or phrases known as keywords, which are related to a topic of itnerest
search engine
A(n) ____ can be used in an enterprise to enable the sharing of information between employees, raining for new employees, or customer support for products
A(n) _____ satellite system employs many satellites, each in an orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles
low earth orbit
_____ can support wireless communications at a rate of 70 Mbps between towers located up to 30 miles apart
Many utilities, cities, and organizations are experimenting with____ to provide Internet access to homes and business over standard high-voltage power lines
The ____ is a device that converts a signal from one form into a signal of another form and sends it through a medium