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Nardella - 7 - Africa Review

Arabic language
The introduction of the ________ resulted in more trade, stronger governments, and greater literacy.
Islam, traditional beliefs
Some West Africans practiced _____, while others kept their __________.
The spread of Arabic caused _______ to become a center for culture and learning.
____ were influenced by the introduction of Islam & the Quran.
The __________ brought Islam & trade routes to West Africa.
They knew how to read and write
Why did Muslims get jobs in the government?
To study the Quran
Why did people learn Arabic?
architects & scholars
What did Mansa Musa bring back from his pilgrimage to Mecca?
Because of _____, West African cities became centers of religion & education.
Sahara Desert
Where was the salt located?
Why do people trade?
To get things they can't produce themselves
Communication, transportation, & trade
The Niger River helped West Africa in what ways?
Being the center of the _______-_______ trade caused Ghana & Mali to grow.
Gold, slaves & crops
What goods did West Africa supply to North Africa?