Digital Literacy Chapter 4


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Restarting your computer without turning off the power is referred to as a warm boot.
There was a time when computers had no operating system.
The original Windows 1.0 was a full operating system introduced in 1985, replacing the old command-line MSDOS operating system.
Once thought a less virus-prone system, the Mac OS has been receiving more attention from the programmers of malicious software.
A network operating system must support both the network servers and the client computers.
Most devices today no longer work with the Plug and Play feature.
The scheduling and prioritizing of tasks for your computer's processor is coordinated by the software programs that are running at the time.
The bits that make up a file on your computer must be stored together on the hard drive as a contiguous group.
A mobile OS is not nearly as robust as a personal computer OS.
The Blackberry OS is made by Research in Motion.
The instructions your computer uses when you turn on the power are stored in ROM and are referred to as
a. firmware.
b. utility software.
c. system software.
d. hardware.
As described in Chapter 4, system software is made up of
a. firmware and hardware.
b. the operating system and all other installed software programs.
c. the operating system and utility software.
d. firmware and the operating system.
The _____ allows you to organize and control your computer hardware and software by translating your commands and performing appropriate actions.
a. firmware
b. utility software
c. operating system
d. business software
This part of your system software is useful but not essential.
a. utilities
b. file allocation table
c. operating system
d. firmware
Which of the following is mentioned in Chapter 4 as an example of utility software?
a. Linux
c. Disk Cleanup
d. Windows 7
The process of starting your computer is called
a. booting.
b. looping.
c. forging.
d. strapping.
Starting your computer when the power is turned off is called a
a. cold boot.
b. reboot.
c. dark boot.
d. warm boot.
Chapter 4 states that UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is beginning to be adopted by computer manufacturers. What does UEFI replace?
b. CPU
c. OS
d. GUI
Booting a computer involves a series of steps carried out by instructions located on your computer's
a. firmware.
b. system configuration.
c. motherboard.
d. OS.
Operating system packages typically offer which two security features?
a. firewall and retina scans
b. antivirus and antispam
c. firewall and password protection
d. password protection and anti spam
Operating system packages typically include a small application for
a. performing calculator functions.
b. playing media content.
c. basic word processing.
d. All of the above
Who introduced the first graphical user interface to the public?
a. Unisys
b. Apple
c. Google
d. Microsoft
he screenshot above shows an example of a
a. graphical user interface.
b. command-line interface.
c. software installation.
d. boot process.
The last Microsoft operating system to based on the original MSDOS product was Windows
a. ME (Millennium Edition).
b. NT (New Technology).
c. XP.
d. 2.0.
Over _____ percent of all PCs in the United States have some version of Windows installed.
a. 25
b. 80
c. 50
d. 40
The term "platform" is used to describe the combination of _____ used to run applications.
a. hardware architecture and software
b. processors and peripherals
c. RAM and ROM
d. memory and hard disk capacity
The fact that a Mac operating system isn't designed to run on a Windows computer is an example of
a. plug and play architecture.
b. malware.
c. open source computing.
d. platform dependency.
Boot Camp allows Windows to run on
a. Linux.
b. Mac OS X.
c. Unix.
d. an Android device.
The screenshot above shows a desktop of which popular operating system?
a. Windows
b. Mac OS X
c. Linux
d. Unix
Macintosh computers have been historically strong in each of the following markets except
a. data processing.
b. education.
c. graphic design.
d. photo imaging.
UNIX is a(n) ____ operating system.
a. Macintosh
b. PC
c. server
d. open source
UNIX was developed by
a. Google.
b. Microsoft.
c. Apple.
d. AT&T Bell Labs.
Which of the following statements about Linux is not true?
a. It can be used as either a network OS or a personal computing OS.
b. It is open source.
c. It is based on UNIX.
d. It was developed in 1985.
The penguin image shown here is the logo of the _____ operating system.
a. Windows 7
c. Mac OS X
d. Linux
Which of the following is mentioned in Chapter 4 as a possible example of what operating systems might look like in the future?
a. Mac OS X
b. Windows Vista
c. Chrome OS
d. Linux
In the Spotlight on the Future podcast, Dwight Silverman states that the traditional personal computer will _____ in the next five to six years.
a. not go away
b. cease to be useful
c. be replaced by tablet devices
d. be even more important
In the Spotlight on the Future podcast, Dwight Silverman says that the next versions of the major operating systems will draw heavily on the developments they have made in _____ operating systems.
a. mobile
b. open source
c. cloud
d. mainframe
A _____ is what you see when you look at your computer screen.
a. user interface
b. swap file
c. device driver
d. platform
What provides the instructions the operating system needs in order to communicate with the devices connected to the computer?
a. drivers
b. utilities
c. swap files
d. file allocation tables
Which of the following best describes the device driver(s) needed to control the input and output devices used by your computer?
a. a unique driver for each input and output device
b. one driver for all devices
c. device drivers are no longer needed with today's operating systems
d. one driver for input devices and one driver for output devices
The _____ and the _____ are the two most common input devices for interacting with your operating system.
a. mouse; printer
b. keyboard; touchscreen
c. monitor; printer
d. keyboard; mouse
A computer's performance refers to
a. the number of software applications it can run.
b. the amount of RAM it has.
c. the speed with which it functions.
d. its hard drive capacity.
Your computer's performance is largely determined by its
a. processor.
b. amount of memory.
c. available cache.
d. All of the above
When running several programs at once, your operating system places data that will not fit into RAM into ____ memory.
a. ROM
b. flash
c. virtual
d. cache
Where does cache memory reside?
a. in RAM
b. on the hard drive
c. on the microprocessor
d. in ROM
The subsystem responsible for moving data and instructions between components (for example, between RAM and the processor) is known as the
a. chipset.
b. BIOS.
c. cache.
d. bus.
When you print a document from your word processing program, which step does your operating system perform first?
a. sends the print job to the print buffer
b. checks to see if the printer is online
c. prints the document
d. checks to see if the word processing program is compatible with the printer
What does the operating system use to keep track of the physical locations of files on your computer?
a. virtual memory
b. swap file
c. file allocation table
d. cache memory
When the files on your computer are stored in a hierarchical file folder structure, the path to a particular file starts with the name of the
a. folder where the file is stored.
b. file.
c. drive where the file is stored.
d. program used to create the file.
The screenshot above shows a utility that is designed to help you _____ on a _____.
a. locate files; Mac
b. locate files; Windows PC
c. search the Help system; Mac
d. search the Help system; Windows PC
The help system in every OS provides
a. diagnostic tests and automatic repair of corrupted files.
b. online help and remote assistance.
c. searchable support information and troubleshooting tools.
d. All of the above
To rid your hard drive of unwanted files, in Windows you would use the Disk Cleanup feature. What is the comparable feature for a Mac?
a. Repair Disk
b. Disk Utility
c. Security
d. Time Machine
Automated driver updates on a Mac are accomplished by the ____ feature.
a. Windows Update
b. Software Update
c. Time Machine
d. Security
Backing up files in a Windows system is accomplished with the Backup Files feature. With what utility is this task accomplished on a Mac?
a. Security
b. Time Machine
c. Disk Utility
d. Software Update
Why is it important to follow the proper method for shutting down your computer?
a. to avoid losing unsaved data and to properly save system settings
b. to save energy and to avoid losing unsaved data
c. to keep file sizes small and to properly save system settings
d. to extend battery life and to keep file sizes small
The new Windows 8 touch style interface is called
a. Windows Touch
b. Metro
c. Windows Live
d. WT8
This mobile OS is an open source, cross-platform operating system supported by Google.
a. Symbian OS
b. Android
c. J2ME
d. Windows Mobile
Which of the following is very popular in Europe, where there are more devices that support it?
a. Symbian OS
b. Palm Web OS
c. iPhone OS
d. BlackBerry OS
What does 3G stand for?
a. 4 Google (4th version of Google's mobile OS)
b. 4 geo (4th wave of geographic coverage)
c. 4th generation
d. 4 gigabytes
4G's main improvement over 3G is with
a. extended device battery life.
b. higher data transfer rates.
c. better geographic coverage.
d. lower prices.