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condo, -ere, condidi, conditus

to found

capio, -ere, cepi, captum

to take up (seize)

accipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum

to accept, recieve

claudo, -ere, -clausi, -clausum

to close

parco, -ere, peperci, parsurus

to spare + dat.

labor, labi, lapsus (dep.)

to slide, to slip

figo, -ere, fixi, fixus

to fix, fasten, to pierce

fundo, -ere, fudi, fusum

to pour, to pour out

moveo, -ēre, movi, motum

to move

gemo, -ere, gemui, gemitum

to groan

patior, pati, passus sum

to suffer, endure, experience

iuvo, -are, iuvi, iutum

to help, please

cado, -ere, cecidi, casum

to fall, subside

veho, -ere, vexi, vectus

to carry

for, fari, fatus

to speak

pono, -ere, posui, positus

to put, lay

iacto, -are, iactavi, iactatus

to hurl

sentio, -ire, sensi, sensum

to perceive

mitto, -ere, misi, missum

to send

iaceo, ēre, iacui, iacitus

to lie

rapio, -ere, rapui, raptum

to snatch seize

urgeo, ēre, ursi

to drive, push oppress

solvo, -ere, solvi, solutum

to loosen

ruo, -ere, rui, rutus

to rush

tollo, -ere, sustuli, sublatus

to lift up, take away

vinco, -ere, vici, victum

to conquer

premo, -ere, pressi, pressum

to press, overwhelm, restrain

metuo, -ere, metui, metutum

to fear, be afraid of

tendo, -ere, tetendi, tensum

to stretch, direct, intend

verto, -ere, versi, versum

to turn, overthrow

volvo, -ere, volvi, volutum

to roll, undergo

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