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Print Production Manager or for electronic media a Producer

overall responsibility is to keep the project running smoothly and under buget, while maintaining the required level of quality through every step of the production process.

Electronic Production

process of converting a script or storyboard to a finished commercial for use on radio, tv, or digital media.


The regular charge agreed to in the union contract

Residual fee

fee for ad run beyond original agreed time. ex. an ad run for 14 weeks when it was contracted for 13 weeks.

Multimedia Presentations

quick cuts from one slide to another, in sync with music and sound effects, created with feeling of motion. presenting information using several communication media simultaneously


interactive point-of-purchase displays

print production process

consists of four major factors: preproduction, production, prepress, and printng+ distribution


begins when the creative dept submits the approved creative concepts--rough or comprehensive layout and copy--to the production dept.

Closing dates



The spacing between lines of text


spreading or narrowing the spaces between letters.

display type

larger and heavier than text type; useful in headlines, subheads, logos, and addresses, and for emphasis.

Text Type

smaller and finer, used in body copy

serif (roman)

most popular type group due to its readability and warm personality.

Sans Serif (gothic)

the second most popular type group; it is also referred to as block or contemporary.

type family

made up of related typefaces.


a complete assortment of capitals, small capitals, lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation marks for a particular typeface and size.


size is the height of a character (or letter) measured in _____ (72 points to the inch) from the bottom of the descenders to the top of the ascenders.

writing paper

letters and fliers commonly use this type of paper.

text papers

this type of paper is used mostly for brochures and there are many types of this paper including: news stock, antique finish, machine finish, english finish, and

cover papers

this paper is available in many finishes and textures, are used on soft book covers, direct-mail pieces, and brochure covers, so they're thicker, tougher, and more durable.

production phase

involves completing ancillary functions such as illustrations or photography, setting up the artwork and typesetting, and then melding all these components into a final tangible form for the printer or publisher.


specific requirements for every ad, such as addresses, logos, and slogans


a transparent sheet containing additional details, such as a chart or map, that is placed on top of another transparency on an overhead projector during a presentation.

base art

the image underneath the overlay

camera-ready art

called this because the printer must photograph each layer to make separate plates

continuous tones

black and white with shades of gray in between.

orthographic film

a high-contrast film yielding only black-and-white images with no gray tones.

line film

the artwork is photographed as is

line plate

from the line film the _____ is produced for printing.

halftone plates

print dots

halftone screen

breaks up continuous-tone artwork into tiny dots.

prepress phase

the printer makes a plate from the base art and one from each overlay.


the various layers of line art and halftones are converted to film negatives, which are carefully mounted together in perfect registration--through a process known as ______.


opaque plastic sheets.

four-color process or cymk printing

Full color; a process where all colors of the spectrum are created through varying tints of cyan (blue), magenta, yellow, and black

pantone matching system (pms)

a single ink premixed according to a formula and given a specific color number.

color separation

the process of dividing desktop published files into separate pages for each of the CMYK colors for printing


a proof that is created by shining light through the negatives and exposing a light-sensitive paper that turns from white to blue.

analog proof or chromalin

uses a series of four very thin sheets of plastic pressed together.

color key

a less expensive form of the chromalin with relatively thick plastic sheets that can be lifted up.

digital proof or iris

uses ink-jet technology and offers accuracy as well as lower cost and faster turnaround time.


occurs where the edge of one color or shade overlaps its neighbor by a fraction of an inch to make sure the white paper underneath doesn't show.

reverse knockout

colored type is printed over a different background color, must let white show through to avoid distorting true colors- requires very careful trapping


colors, type, or visuals that run all the way to the edge of the page


the quickest, simplest, and least expensive ads to produce.

preproduction phase

the advertiser and agency perform a variety of tasks that allow production to run smoothly, on time, and within budget.


supervises rehearsals until everything is ready for recording.


all the elements to be used in the commercial--voices, music, sound effects--come together and are recorded at a _______.

control room

where the producer, director, and sound engineer (and often the client and account executive) sit.

audio console or board

where the director and sound engineer work.

postproduction phase

the sound engineer usually records music, sound effects, and vocals separately and then mixes and sweetens them during this phase.

master tape

the final recording.


from the master tape, the engineer makes duplicates called ____.

live action

used to portray people and things in lifelike, everyday situations, like typical slice-of-life TV commercials.

special effects

such as moving titles and whirling logos are done with a joystick.

digital video effects (dve) units

can manipulate graphics on the screen in many ways: fades, wipes, zooms, rotations, and so on.


motion picture photographers


the opening that controls the amount of light that reaches the film or videotape.


allows the camera to see a spokesperson through the back of a two-way mirror while or she reads moving text reflected off the front.




words superimposed on the picture

work print

Crudely edited footage before editor tightens up slackness between shots; a kind of rough draft

mixed interlock

combined with the almost-completed visual celluloid yields the _________.

answer print

the addition of optical effects and titles results in this

multimedia presentation

refers to presenting information or entertainment using several communications media simultaneously.

digital media

channels of communications that join the logic of multimedia formats with the electronic system capabilities and controls of modern technologies.

mass audience venue

a venue with hundreds of people in the audience and millions more watching at home i.e. super bowl

interactive TV

This allows users to interact with television content as they view it.

viral video

involves creating a digital video with a subtle promotional message. the video is designed to tempt viewers to share it with their friends.

platform licensing

a fee paid to original soft ware developers for the special key codes that access multimedia programs on certain computer networks.

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