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2nd president

John Adams

2: VP

Thomas Jefferson

John Adams born/died


John Adams terms


2: State


2: Treasure


2: war


2: attorney


2: navy


2: post


3rd president

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson born/died


Thomas Jefferson terms


3: Idea

state shouldn't have decisions about what the church can do

3: VP

Burr and Clinton

3: state


3: Treasury

Dexter and Gallatin

3: War


3: AG

Lincoln, Breckinridge, Rodney

3: Navy


X, Y, Z

Pickney, Gerry, and Marshal

x, y, and z's job

to bring about peace

Alien and Sedition Acts

passed following XYZ affair, to weaken republican party

List of Alien and Sedition Acts

naturalization, alien, alien enemies, sedition


aliens: residents for 14 years before becoming US citizens


authorized president to deport aliens

alien enemies

allowed wartime arrest


bad activity was wrong

VA & KY Resolution

sedition act violated freedom of speech, constitution did not say who had authority to decide unconstitutional

VA/KY Resolution

states can nullify laws; a&s acts unconstitutional; ex of defiance of federal power; principle of nullification; remains unresolved for whil

Marbury vs Madison

1803; dissaproved laws; 12th amendment; commissions signed by adams and sealed by marshal; adams made appts; jefferson refused to recognize appts; madison refused to deliver marbury's commission

Louisiana purchase

purchase of land from France; taken away from French territory of Louisiane in 1803, Jefferson president,

Embargo Act

1807; by Congress; answer to British orders; restricted neutral shipping; Jefferson undertook to answer

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