Land, Public, and Private Vocabulary Clear-cutting

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Multi-use zoningA zoning classification that allows retail and high-density residential development to coexist in the same area.Multiple use landsA U.S. classification used to designate lands that may be used for recreation, grazing, timber harvesting, and mineral extraction.National EnvironmentalThe ______ _______ Policy Act is a 1969 U.S. federal act that mandates an environmental assessment of all projects involving federal money or federal permits.National wildlife refugeA federal public land managed for the primary purpose of protecting wildlife.Prescribed burnA fire deliberately set under controlled conditions in order to reduce the accumulation of dead biomass on a forest floor.RangelandA dry open grassland.Selective cuttingThe method of harvesting trees that involves the removal of single trees or a relatively small number of trees from the larger forest.Smart growthA set of principles for community planning that focuses on strategies to encourage the development of sustainable, healthy communities.StakeholderA person or organization with an interest in a particular place or issue.Tragedy of the commonsThe tendency of a shared, limited resource to become depleted because people act from self-interest for short-term gain.Tree plantationA large area typically planted with a single rapidly growing tree species.Urban blightThe degradation of the built and social environments of the city that often accompanies and accelerates migration to the suburbs.Urban growth boundaryA restriction on development outside a designated area.Urban sprawlUrbanized areas that spread into rural areas, removing clear boundaries between the two.ZoningA planning tool used to separate industry and business from residential neighborhoods.