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The state board of cosmetology shall consist of ________ members.
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Any licensee actively engaged in the practice of cosmetology, etc. in a shop must wear __________ with file number.Identification tagNo licensee or student shall commerce work on any patron before ___________Washing handsBefore opening a new shop, the shop must pass __________.Inspection (within 10 days)Students may render manicuring services after receiving at least ________ hours.100Students may receive a total of ______ hours.48Students may receive up to ______ hours per day.10An application for a license to operate a shop shall be submitted by its _________.Owner18. A license to operate a school shall expire Sept. 1, of __________Each year19. Inspection of shops, schools, day spas, etc. is conducted by _________Board memberYou must be at least ____ years of age and completed 1500 hours to apply for the cosmetology examination to the board.16There are ____ grand divisions in the State of Tennessee.3Each cosmetology shop shall have a managing ____________CosmetologistEach manager of a shop must be at least ____ years of age.18How many hours are required to apply for a manicuring license in TN? _______600 hr25. How many board members shall be cosmetologist? _____3Does a barber require a cosmetology or aesthetics license in TN? __________BarberEvery holder of a license as a cosmetologist, aesthetician, manicurist, etc. shall display said license ____________At work stationEach school shall be inspected at least ___________ by a member of the board.AnnuallyThe __________ of an establishment shall be responsible for maintaining all parts in a sanitary condition at all times.ManagerA school floor plan shall include a least _________ of instructional floor space, including an enclosed classroom for theory instruction.2200 sq ftThe board may suspend or revoke any license for _______.FraudIf the fee for an original license is not paid within six months after passing your examinations then you must be __________RetestedA student shall have ________ from the date of original enrollment to complete the required courses.7 yrsThe minimum passing score on all examinations held by the board shall be ________70%How many hours are required to apply for a cosmetology license in TN? _______1500How many hours are required to apply for a aesthetician license in TN?750How many hours are required to apply for a shampooing license in TN?0All students in a school of cosmetology must wear a/an ____________ if prescribed by the school.UniformManicuring instruments must be cleaned with soap and water and immersed in an EPA bactericide for at least _______ minutes10In determining the amount of any penalty to be assessed, the Board may consider such factors as ________.Magnitude of risk41. Licenses may not be ________LaminatedFoot baths shall be cleaned and disinfected _________After each use43. Creams and other semi-solid substances must be removed from their containers with a clean _________SpatulaOnly the non-living uppermost layers of the facial skin, known as the ________ may by any method or means be removed for the purpose of beautification.EpidermisInspection, rating forms must be signed by the ________ and the Board member/inspector.OwnerTo maintain an active instructor's license, an instructor shall every 2 years attend a board approved instructor program in cosmetology for a minimum of _____ hours.16Students in a school of cosmetology must attend for a minimum of ______ hours a week.25If an ownership of a shop changes, the new owner may not operate such shop more than ______ days after the date of such change.30An applicant must pass the state law and practical examination if a license has lapsed ______ year(s) or longer.3All materials in cosmetology kits must be maintained by the __________Student