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  1. murder of a king; the murder of Laius
  2. of the greatest intensity, for example Oedipus has a very intensity temper, the supplicants who have gathered on his places steps suffer form profound sadness and profound
  3. old and feeble; worn-out, ruined; Tiresias the most decrepit person there, Oedipus can't see the truth Tiresias can
  4. someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge) Tieresisus.... Jocasta says you can't put any faith in soothsayers because they predicted that their sou would kill Laius and marry her, so Laius had their so murdered
  5. responsible; Oedipus is responsible to his people to find out about he plague, find the murderer, and punish him, even if him is himself

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  1. Oraclean order issued by someone in authority; Oedipus ordered that whoever committed the murder would be found and punished regardless of who it is


  2. Hubrisfreedom from pride; Oedipus is not free form pride. "Once more i must bring what is dark to light"; a sense of lowliness ; lowliness; Oedipus ain't got his either. "I, Oedipus, who bear the famous name" modesty, nope, Oedipus lacks it, he calls his people "My Children"


  3. Afflictiona humble request for help from someone in authority; the ply opens with the crying at the steeps of Oedipus-- they humbly ask him to save their children and their city as he did before


  4. Expedienta means to an end; going to the Oracles (or the gods) is a means to an end as they either help them solve the problem or they fix it; bringing in Tiresias is...


  5. Defilementthe state of being polluted; the city itself is polluted by the plague and also the murderer who has not been brought to justice; the crops are also defiled by the plague that's destroying them; Oedipus is defiled