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to be acquainted with


to know information about..


I know


you know

no sabes

you don't know


we know

no saben

they don't know

la alfombra

the carpet

las sillas

the chairs

las ventanas

the windows

mas ________ que

more than

mejor que

better than

peor que

worse than

el comedor

the dining room

el jardin

the yard

la entrada

the entry

la chimenea

the fire place


to sweep


to iron


to put away

hacer la cama

make the bed

el fregadero

the kitchen sink

el lavabo

the bathroom sink

te presento a

I introduce _______ to you

la tina

the tub

el horno

the oven

la estufa

the stove

el espejo

the mirror

la mejor

the best femenine

el pasillo

the hall

el piso

the floor

el calentador

the heater

la escoba

the broom

el horno de microondas

the microwave oven

la almohada

the pillow

la tetera

the tea pot

la cafetera

the coffee pot

el arbusto

the bush


to water

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