Presente perfecto

he hablado
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he bebidoI have drunkhas bebidoyou have drunkha bebidos/he has drunkhemos bebidowe have drunkhan bebidothey have drunkhe vividoI have livedhas vividoyou have livedha vividos/he has livedhemos vividowe have livedhan vividothey have livedhe venidoI have comehas venidoyou have comeha venidos/he has comehemos venidowe have comehan venidothey have comehe dichoI have saidhas dichoyou have saidha dichos/he has saidhemos dichowe have saidhan dichothey have saidhe leídoI have readhas leídoyou have readha leídos/he has readhemos leídowe have readhan leídothey have readhe escritoI have writtenhas escritoyou have writtenha escritos/he has writtenhemos escritowe have writtenhan escritothey have writtenhe rotoI have brokenhas rotoyou have brokenha rotos/he has brokenhemos rotowe have brokenhan rotothey have brokenhe pensadoI have thoughthas pensadoyou have thoughtha pensados/he has thoughthemos pensadowe have thoughthan pensadothey have thoughthe dormidoI have slepthas dormidoyou have sleptha dormidos/he has slepthemos dormidowe have slepthan dormidothey have slepthe idoI have gonehas idoyou have goneha idos/he has gonehemos idowe have gonehan idothey have gonehe vistoI have seenhas vistoyou have seenha vistos/he has seenhemos vistowe have seenhan vistothey have seenhe oídoI have heardhas oídoyou have heardha oídos/he has heardhemos oídowe have heardhan oídothey have heardhe miradoI have watchedhas miradoyou have watchedha mirados/he has watchedhemos miradowe have watchedhan miradothey have watchedhe hechoI have donehas hechoyou have doneha hechos/he has donehemos hechowe have donehan hechothey have donehe traídoI have broughthas traídoyou have broughtha traídos/he has broughthemos traídowe have broughthan traídothey have broughthe escuchadoI have listenedhas escuchadoyou have listenedha escuchados/he has listenedhemos escuchadowe have listenedhan escuchadothey have listenedhe sidoI have been (ser)has sidoyou have been (ser)ha sidos/he has been (ser)hemos sidowe have been (ser)han sidothey have been (ser)he estadoI have been (estar)has estadoyou have been (estar)ha estados/he has been (estar)hemos estadowe have been (estar)han estadothey have been (estar)

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