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  1. bronchi
  2. trachea
  3. pleura
  4. inspiration
  5. epiglottis
  1. a breathing air in
  2. b two small tubes that branch off lower end of trachea and carry O2 into lungs,
  3. c cartilage flap that covers entrance to larynx
  4. d cartilage and connective tissue made up tube for air, windpipe, airway connecting pharynx to bronci
  5. e membrane covering lungs (visceral pleura) and lines chest cavity(parietal pleura)

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  1. space between lungs and thorax
  2. 2 triangle shaped membranous folds of connective tissue, air passes over vibrates, vibration causes sound
  3. layer covering lungs
  4. lines chest cavity
  5. two cone shaped organs in thoracic cavity where blood picks up O2 and loses CO2

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  1. alveolar sacsendings of bronchioles, where gas exchanges occur


  2. external respirationexchange of )2 and CO2 withing the cells


  3. laryngopharynxthird part of pharynx, shared by respiratory and digestive systems, divides to provide passage for food and air


  4. pleural cavitymembrane covering lungs (visceral pleura) and lines chest cavity(parietal pleura)


  5. cellular respiration(internal respiration) cell breathing