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  1. internal respiration
  2. laryngopharynx
  3. diaphragm
  4. dyspnea
  5. mediastinum
  1. a third part of pharynx, shared by respiratory and digestive systems, divides to provide passage for food and air
  2. b exchange of )2 and CO2 withing the cells
  3. c dome shaped muscle speerating thorax from abdominal cavities, contracts and relaxes to make breathing possible.
  4. d space between lungs and thorax
  5. e difficulty breathing, labored respirations

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  1. section of pharynx that extends from nares to uvula, passageway for air only
  2. exchange of gases between internal/external cells, act of breathing
  3. chemical lining walls of alveoli
  4. muscles between ribs that lift spreading ribs adding volume and help with breathing
  5. normal relaxed breathing, normal respirations

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  1. oropharynxsecond part of pharynx that is visible when looking in mouth, from uvula to epiglottis


  2. vocal cordsrt/lft opening in nostril


  3. lungstwo cone shaped organs in thoracic cavity where blood picks up O2 and loses CO2


  4. sinusesrt/lft opening in nostril


  5. tracheadifficulty breathing, labored respirations