meeting jesus in the sacraments

communion of saints
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the act by which the father sent his son into the world, and by the power of the holy spirit, the son came to exist as a man within the womb o mary, the son of god assumed human nature and became man in order to accomplish salvation for humanity in that same nature. Jesus christ, son of god the second person of the trinity, is both true god and true man, part god part man.
three important virtues, first infused at baptism, that enable catholics to know god and lead them to union with him; they are faith ( belief in and personal knowledge of, god), hope ( trust in gods salvation and his bestowal of graces needed to obtain it), and charity love of god and love of neighbor, catholics can also receive an increase in the theological virtues through reception of the other sacraments and through the application of the theological virtues
as members of the body of Christ, we are always united to christs but rarely united to other members of the churchfalseone of the symbols the bible uses to describe the church is a vineyardtruethe anointing of the sick is one of the seven sacraments of the chruchtruejesus is often called " the eighth sacrament" because he is th ultimate sign of God's life and love among usfalsethe laity of the chruch have been given a mission to carry the gospel into all parts of the worldtruea sacrament is a visible sigh of invisible gracetruefour aspects of every sacrament are that it is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.falsethrough our baptism, we are made prophets and try our best to predict the future.falsethe liturgy allows people to participate, through prayer and celebration, in the fruits of the paschal mystery.trueevangalistspeople who spread the message of Christ throughout the world.the perfect sign of the fathers love is found in whojesus christjesus is. called a "sacrament", which means whathe is in the eucharistthe three traits found in eery sacrament are whatmystery, visible sign and efficaciousexplain what it means when the church speaks about mysterysomething that cannot be fully explained.the sacranents bring you in communion with whofather son and holly spirit.growing in holiness is an example of the common priesthood in which we act as priest, prophet, or king.priestly peoplewhat does the church mean by communion of faithunity of the churchwhat does the church mean communion of faithcomfirmationas members of the body of christ, we act as prophets when we do whatpreach the word of godas members of the ----- of christ, we are signs of theu nity of the churchbody-------- refers to the way christ fares for his household, the churchsacramental economya ------ is a special gift given to members of the church to strengthen her.charisma -------- always involves a relationship between god an humanitysacramenteach sacrament works to make you completely whole and ------holyjesus called an ------ sign of gods love because he not only points to gods love; he brings it to usefficacious------- can be described as a participation in the life of godgracethe ---- aspect of every sacrament is a remembering that god is present now and has always acted for the benefit of all in the past.memorialthe act by which god the father sent his son, jesus christ, into the world.incarnationthe ------ is called the " universal sacrament of salvation" because it is the visible changechurch