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c.l. terms English IV


belief that natural objects possess a soul or spirit


attributing of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, animals, plants, or other phenomena, or to God


austere, simple way of life which renounces material pleasures and devotes energy to moral or religious purposes


Hinduism, a god made visibly present in human form; any new embodiment of an old idea


teacher or follower of a religion advocating universal peace and stressing the spiritual unity of human kind


power of a government official or leader to make appointments and offer favors

Peace Corps

agency of U.S. Government that sends American volunteers to developing nations to help improve living standards and provide training


party that institutes a suit in court and sues the defendant


poltical party's or candidate's written statement of principles and plans

pocket veto

automatice veto of a bill that occurs if the president or govenor neither signs nor vetoes a bill within 10 days of receiving it


decline over time in the value of a tangible asset


period of drastic decline in the natinal economy, decreasing business activity, falling prices, and unemployment


payment to the stockholders or corporation from the corporation's earnings

division of labor

dividing a job into many specialized parts, with a single worker or a few workers assigned to each part


colloquial name given to start-up companies that sells goods and services over the internet

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