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which of these organs is not considered an accessory digestive structure?
a. salivary glands
b. pancreas
c. liver
d. mouth
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which of these statements about reflexes in the GI tract is false?

a. short reflexes are provoked by nerves near the GI tract
b. food that distends the stomach initiates long reflexes
c. short reflexes are mediated by the enteric nervous system
d. long reflexes can be provoked by stimuli originating outside the GI tract
which of these statements about the pharynx is true?
a. the oropharynx is continuous superiorly with the nasopharynx
b. the nasopharynx is involved in digestion
c. the laryngopharynx is composed partially of cartilage
d. it extends from the nasal and oral cavities superiorly to the esophagus anteriorly
which of these is most associated with villi? a. bacterial flora b. intestinal glands c. lacteals d. haustralactealswhat is the role of the small intestine's MALT? a. preventing bacteria from entering the bloodstream b. secreting mucus c. activating pepsin d. buffering acidic chymepreventing bacteria from entering the bloodstreamwhich part of the large intestine attaches to the appendix? a. ascending colon b. cecum c. descending colon d. transverse coloncecumpancreatic juice _____________. a. deactivates bile b. is released into the cystic duct c. is secreted by pancreatic islet cells d. buffer chymebuffers chymewhere does the chemical digestion of starch begin? a. stomach b. esophagus c. small intestine d. mouthmouth