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13 terms

math vocab pre algebra ch 2

an operation that maps an original figure onto a new figure
is the number that corresponds to a point on the number line
a negative number
is a number less than zero
the opposite of a number
is two numbers with the same absolute value, but different signs
a positive number
is a number greater than zero
the absolute value of a number
is the distance a number is from zero
a translation
is when you slide a figure from one position to another, without flipping it
a reflection
is when you flip a figure over a line of symetry
is any number from the set (...-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3...) where ... means continues indefinetly
is the average. to find it, add up all of the addends and divide by the number of addends
the x and y-axis seperate the coordinate plane and make four quadrants
additive inverse
an integer, and its opposite
compares numbers or quantities, using <, or >