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L2: Wh- questions 'be' verb


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What is his name?
His name is John. (What _____?)
What is your name?
My name is Chris. (What _____?)
What kind of movie is it?
It is an action movie. (What kind _____?)
How big is it?
It is very big. (How _____?)
How long is it?
It is 2 hours long. (How long _____?)
What time is it?
It is 2 o'clock. (What time _____?)
How much is it?
It is $10. (How much _____?)
Where is it?
It is in Berkeley. (Where _____?)
Why is it good?
It is good because... (Why _____?)
How many people are there in the class?
There are 20 people in the class. (How many _____?)
Who is in the room?
Sally is in the room. (Who _____?)
What color is his car?
His car is blue. (What color _____?)
Why are you here?
I am here because I want to learn English. (Why _____?)
What is it made of?
It is made of gold. (What _____?)
Where is your house?
My house is in Pleasant Hill. (Where _____?)
Who is your teacher?
That is my teacher. (Who _____?)
What level are you in?
I am in Intermediate A. (What level _____?)
What is he drinking?
He is drinking tea. (What _____?)
What is she doing?
She is ____-ing. (What _____?)
What are they doing?
They are ____-ing. (What _____?)