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L2: Wh- Questions (do/did)


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Where does he live?
He lives in Pleasant Hill. (Where _____?)
What does she like?
She likes donuts. (What _____?)
How much does it cost?
It costs $5. (How much _____?)
What do they have?
They have a dog. (What _____?)
What kind of movie did they watch?
They watched an action movie. (What kind _____?)
Where do you live?
I live in Pleasant Hill. (Where _____?)
How often does she practice?
She practices everyday. (How often _____?)
How often did she go there?
She went there twice a week. (How often _____?)
How long did you stay there?
We stayed there for two weeks. (How long _____?)
Where does the story take place?
The story takes place in London. (Where _____?)
Where did you stay?
I stayed at a hotel. (Where _____?)
Who did he go with?
He went with his girlfriend. (Who _____?)
How many brothers does she have?
She has two brothers. (How many _____?)
What did he do?
He played tennis. (What _____?)
Why did you go?
I went because.... (Why _____?)
How long do you usually study?
I usually study for two hours. (How long _____?)
What game did you play?
I played World of Warcraft. (What game_____?)
How much did it cost?
It cost $5. (How much _____?)
When did he go there?
He went there last year. (When _____?)
What did he do there?
He studied there. (What _____?)