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communication link or channel

is a physical path or frequency for signal transmissions

WAN (wide area network)

internet is the most common type of WAN


consists of several smaller networks


is not a global network classification for public high speed network with range of about 50 miles

MAN (metropolitan area network)

this is a global classification for public high speed network with range of about 50 miles


covers large cities

LAN (local area network)

this is the one that most people have heard of, usually connect computers in a single building

Uta has a wifi called


NAN(neighborhood area network)

covers several buildings

PAN(personal area network)

is a interconnection between personal digital devices


is a parcel of data that is sent across a computer network


Since computer network uses packet switching( know both) technology packets from many different messages can share a single communication channel or circuit


A computer can have a permanently assigned static IP address or a temporarily assigned dynamic IP address. If your computer is in the central library at UTA.

DHCP (dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

is desinged to automatically assign IP addresses, this another way a IP address can be obtained

IP address

this is a series of numbers used to identify a network device


Internet is the most typical local area network architecture using a single common medium with multiple connections of computers

Which one is not the example of the technology of wireless encryption?

WEP(wired equivalent privacy)

Which network typology physical topology provides the highest robustness, it has lots of nodes


which one is an example of a MAC address
a. 2555.192.0.1 b. FX:AO:SE:01.AA.AA
c. 288.392.1.0 d. none of the above

d none of the above. a MAC address can not have a letter higher than F.

IP addresses range from


is for the military

The ARPANET created in 1969 connected to help scientist communicate and share valuable computer resources at UCLA,

false, it was created for the military

maximum number for an IP address is


( ) technology defined by IEEE 802.3, simultaneously broadcasts data packets to all network devices. This technology also relies on CSMA/CD protocol Carrier send Multiple access with collision detection that takes care of situations in which two networks will vary in speed. they have to wait a random amount of time so that they dont collide


is a set of rules for interacting and negotiating for efficiently transmitting data from ones network node to another


the node is a connection point on a network


node can be
a. computer
c. motor
d. all of the abouve

d all of the above, a node can be any device that uses the network

network devices main purpose is to

make a the connection strong again, a boost

NIC( network interface card) is an example of

network device were the router makes the pass to send information to the computer, laptop so on

P2P cannot be the server and the client at the same time

false, it can be both at the same time

Napster is an example of what?

P2P mode

Star is the hardest physical topology

false, it is the easiest

the disadvantage of star is

trouble in the center part then the whole thing is messed up

Ring is shaped like a ring


disadvantage of ring
a. if one connection is disconnected then the whole thing is disconnected
b. the whole thing is connected even if one connection is disconnected
c. if the center has a problem then the whole thing has a problem
d none of the above

a. if one connection is disconnected then the whole thing is disconnected

If you use bus and there is a problem with bus then there is no network


tree topology

can use both star and bus topology, integrated model between star and bus

two similar websites can be connected by a device called a bridge

false, its two similar networks

bridge is a generic term for any device or software code used to join two networks

false, it is gateway

if bandwidth is ( ) it is broadband


if bandwidth is low it is ( )

narrow band

rules for transferring data from one network node to the other,
a divide messages into packages, a package is the smallest unit for data transmission
b. affix address to packets, addresses of sender and reciever
c. fjjlkgdjalfjda
d. a and b
e. a and c

d. a and b

a ( ) is a parcel of data that is sent across a computer network


an IP address is a unique number assigned to a network interface card when it is manufactured

false, MAC address

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