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China is land...

time and people

China tilts...

down from west to east

Rice grows best in what part of China?


Central authority and...

pacified surroundings

Simplicity versus


Antiquity is part of Chinese...


What Neolithic site shows signs of women being powerful?


Farming seems to begin during which era of Chinese history?

Yangshao Culture

Walled towns appear during which era of Chinese history?

Longshan Culture

Dawenkou, Liangzhu, Longshan, Majiabang, Qujialing, Sanxingdui, and Yangshao are all examples of what?

prehistoric Chinese cultures

The Shang Dynasty is famous for the development of which two technologies?

silk and writing

What is the earliest known form of Chinese religion?

ancestor worship

Which dynasty overthrew the Shang Dynasty?

Zhou Dynasty

The Zhou Dynasty is famous for the development of which two technologies?

chariots and coins

The Zhou Dynasty is known for doing what with iron?

casting and mass producing

The Mandate of Heaven justifies what action?

replacing one dynasty with another

Confucius believed that people could make society better by...

perfecting themselves

Legalists believed people had to be controlled by...

laws and punishments

Daoism teaches that people should try to...

be in harmony with nature

China's first true emperor was called...

Qin Shi Huangdi

The first emperor standardized...

writing and measurement

The Qin Dynasty was the first dynasty to have a...

centralized bureaucracy

The Han Dynasty gained strength by blending Qin Dynasty Legalism with...


During the Han Dynasty, the Middle East and Rome began to trade with China along the...

Silk Route

The Han Dynasty is famous for the development of which two technologies?

paper and porcelain

During which dynasty did Buddhism come to China?

Han Dynasty

Does Chinese culture prefer unity or disunity?


Which dynasty was the Golden Age of China?

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty is famous for its...

poetry, painting, and calligraphy

Which religion dominated the Tang Dynasty?


Who is the only woman to every rule China as emperor?

Wu Zetian

The Song Dynasty is best known for developing what system for selecting its officials?

exam system

The Song Dynasty is famous for the development of which two technologies?

paper money and printing press

Which dynasty experienced the world's first industrial revolution?

Song Dynasty

The Pax Mongolica allowed trade between China and...

The West

The Ming Dynasty drove out the...


Zheng He, the great explorer, made his voyages during which dynasty?

Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty created a new imperial capital where?


The most visible creation of the Ming Dynasty today is what?

The Great Wall

The Ming Dynasty is best known for what kind of literature?


The Qing emperors faced attacks from Western powers during which wars?

Opium Wars

What famous rebellion occurred during the Qing Dynasty?

Tai Ping Rebellion

Which dynasty was the last one in Chinese history?

Qing Dynasty

In what year was the last emperor of China overthrown?


Where did World War Two begin?


Who is the most famous leader of the People's Republic of China?

Mao Zedong

The Chinese Civil War was between the Communists and the...


After the fall of the last emperor, China soon broke up into regional powers controlled by...


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