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an intellectual movement that emerged at the end of the 18th century in reaction to the ideas of the enlightenment; it stressed feelings, emotion, and imagination sources of knowing

Ludwig von Beethoven

composer of the romantic era
wrote the 3rd symphony

Louis Pasteur

Frenchman who proposed the germ theory of disease


indifference or rejection of religion in the affairs of the world

Charles Darwin

promoted the idea that humans are material human beings who are part of the natural world

organic evolution

the principle set forth by Charles Darwin that every plant or animal has evolved, or changed, over a long period of time from earlier, simpler form of life to more complex forms

Natural selection

the principle set forth by Charles Darwin that some organisms are more adaptable to the environment than others; in popular terms, "survival of the fittest"


mid-nineteenth century movement that rejected romanticism and sought to portray lower and middle class life actually as it was

Charles Dickens

huge success with novels that showed the realities of life for the poor in the early industrial age

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