Upper Extremity- Joints/Bones: Finger Deformities

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These splints will be worn for6-8 weeks without removalWhat do we do for mallet finger?Splint into extension, or slight hyperextension at DIP. (It is caused by damage to extensor tendon)What do we do for the Boutonniere deformity?Use oval 8 splint. Focus on PIP- hold the PIP in extension, DIP should behave itself after that. (buttons- the inch worm)What do we do for swan neck?focus on slight flexion (near full extension) of PIP, DIP should be fine. Want to encourage active flexion of PIP joint, oval 8 splint good for this.Oval 8 will allow for...standard flexion for swan neck (we want this) but prevents extension.There are some other types of joint specific injuries but the principal is the same. Immobilize in an antideformity position to promote healing until the physician clears for ROM.Again, they will be wearing these splints for a straight 6-8 weeks. You could give them two, BUT:hand needs to be flat on table when changing. Be very careful. As soon as its not, you have undone all the process you have made.