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History 4 - Test 12 over chapters 14 and 15


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Alexander Graham Bell
invented the telephone
Thomas Edison
invented the phonograph
Robert Goddard
invented the first successful liquid-fueled rocket
Jan Metzeliger
invented the shoe-lasting machine
Garret Morgan
invented the traffic signal with colored lights
Henry Ford
invented the Model T
Robert Fulton
invented the first successful steamboat
Wright brothers
made the first successful airplane flight
Cyrus McCormick
invented the mechanical reaper
Samuel Morse
invented the telegraph
Booker T. Washington
founded and built Tuskegee Institute in Alabama
Billy Sunday
was a converted baseball player who became a fiery preacher
George Washington Carver
was born a slave, but became a famous scientist who worked with plants
Charles Finney
was a lawyer who became a great revival preacher
John D. Rockefeller
organized the oil industry and became the first billionaire
D. L. Moody
was a shoe salesman who became an evangelist and founder of a Bible institute
Henry Bessemer
developed a method of turning iron ore into steel
Adoniram Judson
was the "Father of American Missions" and spent many years in Burma
Andrew Carnegie
made millions of dollars in the steel industry in America
Promontory Point, Utah
where the 2 tracks of the transcontinental railroad met
Union Pacific and Central Pacific
the 2 companies that built the transcontinental railroad
the West
the only frontier land that remained unsettled by the mid 1800s
Morse Code
The code of short and long dashes that are clicked over a telegraph wire
pony express
the mail route from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, that opened in 1860
Homestead Act
the act that promised 160 acres of land to anyone who would farm it for 5 years
It helped to settle the West
an important change brought about by the transcontinental railroad
The East was brought closer to the West
an important change brought about by the transcontinental railroad
It was built on an assembly line that made it faster and easier to make
why was the Model T so inexpensive?
People did not feel out of touch with each other because they could send messages instantly.
how did the telegraph bring the East and West closer together
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island