Ted-ed - Sigmund Freud vs history

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A method of studying how the mind works and treating mental disorders
unconsciously buried memories
awake, alert, aware of one's surroundings
To be higher, taller than something, outstanding
to solve problems
nervous condition of uncontrolled laughing and crying usually brought on by unusual emotional stress
post traumatic stress disorder
not based on reason or logic
to separate
to use incorrectly
projectingmaking a prediction based on historical informationa glitcha malfunction; an errorpenis envyAccording to Freud, the female desire to have a penis - a condition that usually results in their attraction to males.product of his erato be defined by the social standards of the timeflawedimperfectbuild uponAdd to an already existent basecome outappear or become visibleoutdated ideasideas that are no longer relevantderive fromto originate fromancient historythe study of the distant past, from the earliest humans through the first great civilizationsprehistoricbefore written historyfantastical beliefsthe belief that unrelated events are causally connected despite the absence of any plausible causal linktake someone seriouslyto believe that someone is worth your attention or respectrenownedwell-known, famous, celebrateddiscount his influenceto decide that something or someone is not worth considering or giving attentionon this basisfrom this starting pointto cross many fieldswork in different industries or schools of thoughtunfalsifiablenot capable of being proved falseimperically verifycapable of being verified or disproved by observation or experimenthold up to (modern science)To withstand scrutiny or some form of challengeclinical practicethe provision of mental health services for the diagnosis treatment and prevention of mental behavioural and emotional disorders in individuals families and groupsethical standardsRules of acceptable conduct, that when followed, promote values such as trust, good behavior, fairness and/or kindness..spark a revolutionstart a change in a systemmade his share of mistakesin their life time they are no stranger to mistakessubsequent generationsthe generations who followdeserve the creditbe worthy of good commentsput history on trialto look at both sides of the story way after the eventship