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Ephemeral most nearly means:

A. short-lived
B. mythical
C. dead
D. exceptional

The fruit was edible. What is edible?

A. wax
B. expensive
C. foreign
D. digestible

Her conversation was incoherent. What is incoherent?

A. eloquent
B. succinct
C. unintelligible
D. amusing

Her eyesight was acute. Acute means:

A. sharp
B. poor
C. unusual
D. tested

Raffish most nearly means:

A. clean
B. serene
C. tawdry
D. expensive

Mulct most nearly means:

A. complain
B. play
C. work
D. defraud

Kvetch most nearly means:

A. assert
B. yell
C. complain
D. argue

Universities and colleges should be designed to cater to the philomath. What is philomath?

A. students
B. scholars
C. teachers
D. faculty

Debouch most nearly means:

A. emerge
B. fight
C. relax
D. capture

The word most opposite in meaning to benison is:

A. theft
B. replaceable
C. curse
D. heavy

The gold was kept in a secure vault. What is secure?

A. locked
B. safe
C. unknown
D. thick

Assimilate most nearly means:

A. absorb
B. react
C. pretend
D. lie

The commodity was sold. What is commodity?

A. product
B. stock
C. idea
D. table

Fiscal most nearly means:

A. year
B. financial
C. calendar
D. three months

He gave a succinct account of the events. what is succinct?

A. passionate
B. lengthy
C. uncensored
D. concise

The actions of the CEO were unconscionable.
What is unconscionable?

A. clever
B. illegal
C. excessive
D. automatic

He tried to goad his audience. Goad means:

A. insult
B. incite
C. please
D. bore

He ran headlong into the fight. What is headlong?

A. headfirst
B. reluctantly
C. happily
D. recklessly

Flagrant most nearly means:

A. quiet
B. amazing
C. delayed
D. glaring

His irritability was obvious to everyone. Obvious means:

A. apparent
B. unknown
C. annoying
D. brought

Isochronous most nearly means:

A. fast
B. slow
C. equal
D. different

It was a sturdy table.
What is sturdy?

A. well-built
B. ugly
C. thick
D. small

Ridicule most nearly means:

A. mock
B. support
C. ride
D. silly

Brevity is the soul of wit.
What is brevity?

A. beauty
B. intelligence
C. terseness
D. humor

She was a tennis fanatic.
What is fanatic?

A. observer
B. zealot
C. player
D. coach

He facilitated her promotion. facilitated means:

A. hindered
B. helped
C. disliked
D. ignored

The textbook presented a finite number of solutions to the problem. finite means:

A. unlimited
B. limited
C. variety
D. unusual

The spectator enjoyed the game. spectator means:

A. competitor
B. observer
C. referee
D. organizer

Enmity most nearly means:

A. enemy
B. hatred
C. anger
D. childish

The teacher cited some examples. cited means:

A. memorized
B. finished
C. specified
D. examined

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