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  1. indirect method -
  2. chemoautrophs
  3. some bacteria are
  4. what happens in direct method
  5. chemo-heterotrophs-
  1. a sources of e-* are organic compounds
  2. b phototrophs
  3. c direct coupling of an exergoinic reaction to the indergonic reaction of ATP
  4. d -sources of energy (e-*) are inorganic - on Hydrogen gas
  5. e Oxidative phosphorylation (also called ox-phos)

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  1. ADP and PO4 -----> will make ATP (to do this energy must be available from catabolic reaction )
  2. only 2 ATP glucose
  3. chemoautrophs
  4. conversion of e- energy into membrane potential energy or poton motive force (pmf)
  5. reduction reaction acquisition of e-*and hydrogen atoms by a suitable acceptor moleule. facilitated by coenzymes ( nicotamide adenime dinucleotide called also NAD / flavin adenine dinucleotide called also FAD

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  1. what happens in indirect method 5conversion of pmf into a store , useful form --> ATP


  2. what are the potentally atp for aerobi respiration98


  3. chemoheterotrophs isa source of energy are organic compounds


  4. most bacterias arechemoheterotrophs


  5. mechanisms of ATP synthesis objective issynthesis of ATP from ADP and PO4