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  1. what happens in indirect method 1
  2. mechanisms of ATP synthesis objective is
  3. movement of e-* 2
  4. some bacteria are
  5. what are the reality atp for aerobic respiration
  1. a external source(s) f energy (source of energized electrons - e-*)
  2. b chemoautrophs
  3. c affinities for electrons is referred to as tge stadard reduction potential (e-o) and is measured as a voltage. the more postive the value the greater the affinity
  4. d synthesis of ATP from ADP and PO4
  5. e 38 atp

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  1. Oxidative phosphorylation (also called ox-phos)
  2. sources of energy (e-*) are light activated e- of bacterochlorophyll molecules
  3. oxidation reaction - removal of e-* and hydrogen atom from energy source. facilitated by enzymes dehydrogenases ( loses hydrogen )or oxidoreduct
  4. substrale level phosphorylation
  5. conversion of pmf into a store , useful form --> ATP

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  1. what happens in direct methoddirect coupling of an exergoinic reaction to the indergonic reaction of ATP


  2. some bacteria arephototrophs


  3. what are the potentally atp for aerobi respiration98


  4. chemo-heterotrophs-a source of energy are organic compounds


  5. most bacterias arechemoheterotrophs