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two short syllables followed by one long one
ex: seventeen


repitition of a consonant sound in line of words or sentence
ex: Don't dally doing dumb homework


a reference to someting outside the literary work, usually mythology or the bible or another literary work.


repitition of vowel sound in a line of words or sentence


a narative; simple; songlike quality; basic rhyme sceme; composed of iambic tetramete alternating with iambic trimeter

Blank Verse

consists of unrhymed iambic pentameter; used frequently by Shakespeare


a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line


repetition of consonant sounds, harmonious


A metrical foot consisting of three syllables, in which the first is stressed and the last two are unstressed

Dramatic Monologue

relates an episode in a speaker's life through a conversational format whcih reveals the character of the speaker.


a mournful, contemplative lyric poem written to commemorate someone who is dead, often ending in a consolation.

End Rhyme

rhyme occuring at the ends of verse in lines

End-stopped Line

A line that ends with a natural speech pause, usually marked by punctuation


the continuation of meaning, without pause or break, from one line of poetry to the next


An extended narrative poem recounting actions, travels, adventures, and heroic episodes; larger than life protagonist; more-than-human-strength of heroes in action; gods of lesser divinities play an active role.

Feminine Rhyme

A rhyme of two syllables in which the final syllable is unstressed ('mother/bother').

Free Verse

Verse that has neither regular rhyme nor regular meter
ex: English is not very fun except when its done,
but even then it is better than math.
And I think this is a poor example of free verse,
but it certainly can't get much worse.


metrical pattern of one unstressed syllable followed by one stressed syllable
ex: Come Live with Me and be my love


Description that appeals to the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste)

Internal Rhyme

rhyme contained within a line of verse
ex: the splendor falls on castle walls

Lyric Poem

Short poem where the poet expresses an emotion or illuminates some life principle

Masculine Rhyme

Rhyme in which only the last, accented syllable of the rhyming words correspond exactly in sound
ex: eyes and denies

Metaphysical Poetry

The work of poets of the seventeenth century, that analyzes subjects logically and philosophically

Narrative Poem

a poem that tells a story
ex: Natalie decided to buy a red shoe,
but Lucas decided that just wouldn't do,
and so he bought another that was blue,
and now natalie has not one, but two.
(except it is usually longer)


A lyric poem that addresses subjects of elevated stature


a literary work that has to do with shepherds and rustin settings

Ryme Scheme

the ryme Pattern
ex: A B A B B C B C C D C D E E

Slant (half) Rhyme

a partial or imperfect rhyme, often using assonance or consonance only, as in dry and died.


a verse form consisting of 14 lines with a fixed rhyme scheme; iambic pentrameter


A two-syllable foot with both syllables stressed.
ex: down town

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