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*Unit 1- Beginning of American History *Chapter 2- Europe Looks Outward *Section 3- Europeans Compete in North America Section 4- France and the Netherlands in North America

John Cabot

Italian explorer who led the English expedition in 1497 that discovered the mainland of North America and explored the coast from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland

Henry Hudson

Sailed for the Dutch even though he was originally from England. He was looking for a northwest passage through North America, but discovered what is today the Hudson River

Northwest Passage

a sea route from the Atlantic to Pacific that passed through or around North America


colonies exist to make home coutry wealthy by only trading with Mothercountry

Giovanni da Verrazano

Italian; sailed to North Carolina and Newfoundland in search of the Northwest Passage

Jacques Cartier

French explorer who explored the St. Lawrence river and laid claim to the region for France (1491-1557)

Samuel de Champlain

French explorer; best known for discovering two of the Great Lakes and discovering Quebec

Jacques Marquette

French missionary who accompanied Louis Joliet in exploring the upper Mississippi River valley; set up 2 missions along G. Lakes

Louis Joliet

French explorer (with Jacques Marquette) of the upper Mississippi River valley (1645-1700)

Rene LaSalle

French explorer who followed Mississippi River to Gulf of Mexico and named Louisianna


an agreement between parties that benifit them both

New Spain

sought gold and other precious minerals; treated Native Americans harshly

New France

profited from furs and fish; traded with Native Americans

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